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Web site owner ot active torrent user? Earn by recommending Pulsed Media services.

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Information on billing.

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Information about Bittorrent seedbox usage.

Server hardware 3

Hardware questions. This is related to all services

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Information about service upgrades, downgrades and other management


Virtual private servers

Les plus consultés

 What torrent software will my shared seedbox have?

All servers are setup with ruTorrent+rTorrent and Deluge, embedded into our master GUI. Other...

 Do you allow public trackers?

Yes, we do.You can freely use any public trackers or any torrent sites for your torrent downloads...

 How does the seedbox traffic limit work?

Traffic limit is a set amount of data (usually in GiB) you can transmit over the past 30 days...

 How to use RSS feature in ruTorrent?

ruTorrent top bar has an icon, which looks a little bit like WIFI icon, for RSS feeds. This opens...

 Setting up SSH Key based authentication for passwordless logins

It is fairly easy to setup an SSH key for passwordless logins. We recommend following this howto:...

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