What happens when a drive fails?

It depends on the raid array config on your server.

  • RAID5: Sometimes we replace the drive, and sometimes we migrate users to another server. RAID5 has some chance of secondary drive failure during the resync process of the array.
  • RAID10: Typically we swap the drive, unless there is reason to believe second drive failure may happen any time - then we will migrate your service to another server. Resync process has a slight chance of second drive failure during the process, but theoretically less than RAID5.
  • RAID0: Completely Out Of Luck.  Data is already lost, so reprovisioning to another server is the only chance. No data migration or recovery will even be attempted. If the server by some miracle is still online and somewhat accessible, you may try to recover your data but since it is striped array your success will be very likely very limited. In such a case, we typically leave the server running as-is for ~5 business days so you may try your luck. Do not even ask for full data recovery attempt(s) unless you are willing to put down several thousand euros for that, as a lab is required for data recovery attempt.
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