MD Platform Development Update 04/2024: Dual Drive, Active cooling Package, Power Consumption

MD Platform Development Update 04/2024 It's been a couple months since our last MD development update. We've achieved some progress during this time! Active Cooling Package / Module We made first active cooling module for a cluster. This has not been needed prior, but in anticipation of higher power consumptions we wanted to prototype one ... Leia mais... »

15th Abr 2024
VM Seedbox Performance and Reliability: Comprehensive Stability and Speed Enhancements Achieved

Revolutionized VM Seedbox Performance: Comprehensive Stability and Speed Enhancements Achieved We are excited to announce a major breakthrough in our new VM seedbox services. After extensive testing, we've successfully eliminated all instances of crashes. This achievement marks a significant improvement in the stability and performance of our ... Leia mais... »

7th Mar 2024
Support Email under attack, at least 660 000 pending emails. Read if you tried to open/reply to ticket in the past couple days (RESOLVED)

These are bounces and mostly originate from 2 domains, It's a bounce attack with email servers which do not check SPF or DKIM at all, and sends bounces regardless if origin is acceptable.All of them are "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" or similar, from select few domains.We have no customers in those domains, therefore have not sent email to ... Leia mais... »

21st Feb 2024
Accidental emailing to _everyone_, even past customers. We Are Sorry!

We were sending an email to users of particular server earlier today, it needs some human attention. This email was chosen to be sent to that specific user group. We use a 3rd party billing system, probably the most common one among hosting companies. We recently updated from a very old version to the newest version. Turns out there's a plethora ... Leia mais... »

17th Feb 2024
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