MD Platform Development Update 01/2024

MD Platform Development Update 01/2024 We've again made some progress! Below a photo on the latest prototype reaching a production rack.This is hardware rich development, iterate iterate and iterate in-production, each time making something a little bit better. There's an unbelievable number of little nuances in a system like this. This just ... Read More »

31st Jan 2024
Inflation and ever increasing costs; On everything. Year 2024 edition (Is this Groundhog Day?)

Today marks yet another day of getting notice for immediate price increase. This time on average of 4% on already relatively (for what it is, the value it brings) extremely expensive service. The total cost is "peanuts" or "rounding error"; but this service has very strong vendor lock-in, and the price scale small enough so they can do this every ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2024
Paypal Integration Update; Credit/Debit Card, Express Checkout added, making new subscriptions is back

Paypal integration has been updated!

Subscriptions are back! You can now make new subscriptions for pre-existing services as well.

This has direct Credit/Debit checkout option as well. You can pay with card without signing up to paypal.

This should streamline your overall payment experience when using Paypal.

13th Jan 2024
Major Main/Billing Site Maintenance; Most likely today. Potential downtime several hours [COMPLETED]

This is a major maintenanceWe are working to update all the backend systems.New infrastructure is now up, all code revisions has been tested, and we are now testing the migration procedures.In case this is not completed today, this will be completed early in the upcoming week.   How will i know when it's going on? Current site's dynamic ... Read More »

13th Jan 2024
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