Deluge fixed and update is being rolled out

Deluge support has been fixed, discussed here:

The update is being rolled out to servers on standard rolling updates manner.

22nd Aug 2023
⚡ Reminder: Electrical Maintenance on 5th September 2023

Just a quick reminder about the electrical maintenance happening at Datacenter 1 this fall. We want to make sure you're prepared, so here's what you need to know:Date: Tuesday, 5th September 2023Time: 23:00 to 03:00Impact: Some or all nodes may be down during this time. We'll have a backup generator on-site, but depending on the load, we might not ... Read More »

14th Aug 2023
Accessing 404: A simple regression, getting fixed shortly!

If you are getting 404 error when accessing seedbox gui, this will be fixed shortly.

It was a silly regression on a update which has now been fixed.

11th Aug 2023
Helsinki DC power outage [UPDATE 3 AND CONCLUSION]

Helsinki DC suffered a power outage, infact whole Helsinki had a power outage.We are checking that all systems are operational right now.UPDATE: Most things started automatically, some backend stuff needed to be checked. Things are updating right now, but by the looks of it almost everything recovered automatically as expected.UPDATE 2: Few nodes ... Read More »

3rd Aug 2023