Datacenter 1 electrical maintenance this fall, 5th of September 2023 23:00-03:00

This coming september, Tuesday 5.9.2023 from 23:00 to 03:00 there will be electrical maintenance occuring which will necessitate to potentially turn servers offline to complete.Some or all nodes will be down during this time, we will have a backup generator on-site but depending on the load we might not be able to run all of the servers off ... Több... »

30th Máj 2023
Network maintenance scheduled for Wednesday around 10:00-14:00 Helsinki Time

Expected downtime is for 1 link and mere minutes at most. Some of the time is taken by reloading BGP routing time.Connectivity will likely not drop, but there will be flip flop on routes and most likely some congestion for this few minutes period.Let's hope there isn't any issues and this is actually accomplished in the mere minutes.One fiber has ... Több... »

13th Máj 2023
Seedbox Software UPDATES! Massive Improvements, Rolling Out Now! Feedback Requested

We have finally moved to production from Github, and are now migrating nodes from our own private repo release to the github release.This brings a lot of bug fixes, feature additions etc. depending on what was your current version on the server you are on. Some servers had some of these updates already, but not all.So every server updated today ... Több... »

12th Máj 2023