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Firstlyt, the brief hiccup we experienced with our billing server today has been resolved. We're back up and running! We're really sorry for the downtime - we know how important reliable service is to you.

At Pulsed Media, we're all about ensuring a seamless experience for you. But just like a well-rehearsed band can miss a beat, we had a slight off-key moment today. Our billing server, which is managed by a third-party provider, needed a short breather. We chose this setup to make sure that if one part of our system hits a bump, the rest keeps cruising along.

This provider has been our sidekick for the longest time, almost since our first day in the business. But, just like that friend who still forgets your birthday after 13 years (we all have one, don't we?), they sometimes miss sending out renewal notifications for all servers. It's a bit of a random event, and we totally get how it can be a bit of a surprise when the first notice you get is a suspension alert - or even your own monitoring system giving you the heads up.

And when it comes to punctuality, they're like a clock! If a server is just a few hours overdue, it gets a time-out. This has always been their way. We should be more careful this does not happen again.

We've been thinking about moving our billing server to a new home, partly because of this. We want to make sure that your experience with us is always top-notch, and we know these unexpected suspensions can be a bit of a downer. This is especially true for some of our customers who, for various reasons, have had to rely on this third-party service.

The Good News Is that a replacement provider has already been chosen, and we will change billing server provider at the same time we do some other enhancements to your experience interacting with billing & support. The new 3rd party is another large European provider with a good known track record, and all data will be transmitted securely with neither 3rd party being involved in the data transfer. Some things on this change will also increase security, not just reliability.

Disruption when we transition to the new billing server is expected to be a maximum of a few hours, with luck only ~30 minutes. The billing server upgrade has no strict ETA, but it needs to be completed by the end of this year. This upgrade is absolutely necessary for automating our dedicated server offers better, especially the new MD series of dedicateds at MiniDedi Dedicated Servers. These servers are targeting maximum efficiency, and Intel Quick Sync makes these dedicated servers an excellent choice as a Transcoding Server. For transcoding, these truly do punch above their weight class big time!

We're committed to making Pulsed Media your go-to choice for all your needs, and we appreciate your understanding as we work on improving our services. Your support means the world to us, and we promise to keep striving to make your experience with us better and better. Thanks for being part of our journey - we promise it's worth it!

Dienstag, Juni 6, 2023

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