We are testing a miniserver setup, these are quite low powered units, idling at about 15W and 35W CPU. In practice we saw these peaking at just shy of 30W.

These are fully beta test units still, so special condition is that if we deem these not to function as expected we may cancel the service after first month. Further there might be outages if we need to do physical changes.
If all goes well you get to keep this server tho.
We also expect some feedback.

So far testing has gone nicely.

Server Specs:
Core i5-7500T
256GB Kingston NVMe
1Gbps Unmetered

Price: 19.99€ first month, then 29.99€
Delivery: 2 business days.  (Nodes are already online and OS has been installed)

Only 4 remains available from beta test units rest is already allocated.

Order Here: https://pulsedmedia.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=291&promocode=miniserverBeta2212

UPDATE: Extended to 8 public beta test units.

Sabato, Dicembre 10, 2022

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