While upgrading servers we have already managed to enhance power consumption by leaps and bounds.

We are currently seeing 11.09W per user and 2.99W per TiB of storage. Per allocated unit of storage we are measuring 3.41W/TiB.
Measurements are from in-production seedbox servers, and will come to fruition at the pace old servers are shutdown 1-1.5 weeks after the migration to new hardware typically.

These are quite big differences from our previous announcement about this, just a few weeks back as the plans come to fruition.
Most interesting thing is that users are actually getting faster and better experience as the hardware is being upgraded, this is due to the shift in hardware & software paradigms. We see now a roadmap to further pursue decreased power consumption while increasing service quality. It is a lot of work, and needs a lot of expensive new hardware but the roadmap is clearing up.

Joi, Noiembrie 3, 2022

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