We needed to move the balance towards euros paid for the bonus storage program.

Hence we made following changes:
 * 0.5% for each month since service creation, was 1%
 * 0.1% for each month since billing profile creation, was 0.2%
 * 1% for each 62.50€ paid, was 50€

Rest remains the same, this moves balance slightly towards those with higher end services. Inflation is calculated from roughly average of total inflation vs industrial producer inflation, therefore 25% is the rough average.
Remember that if you have multiple services the euros paid is multiplied across all of them, same with billing profile age. See the examples in wiki.

These changes also ensure slightly more even distribution.

Average user currently has 34.21% of bonus storage.

You can check full information of the bonus storage program at: https://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/Pulsed_Media_Free_Bonus_Disk_Policy

Viernes, Septiembre 30, 2022

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