Big Big changes on traffic limits!

We have changed how traffic limits work. In the past only we only limited torrent speeds via rTorrent, to a tiny fraction of the speed. FTP, SFTP, rclone etc. remained unlimited.

But as times change, so does needs as well. We wanted to offer a lot more services, and this limitation did not really suit that goal. Internal traffic is unlimited which can be hugely beneficial to many users. This has allowed us to add Deluge support as well.

So the new limits works on all protocols, all applications but only on external bandwidth. Internal (within our DC) bandwidth is unrestricted and you will always have the full server link speed at your disposal.

Further to make things better, now the minimum speed is 100Mbps, instead of 10Mbps like in the past. This means that even if you signup for a plan which 4TB traffic limit, you could use more than 30TB each month.
The traffic limit only represents the unrestricted full speed traffic, after that you get what some DCs call "guaranteed bandwidth".

Traffic counting is still rolling 30days. No preset full reset dates, but continuously rolling and checking the past 30days.

Joi, Noiembrie 26, 2020

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