We have slightly increased the ratios for bonus disk quota.
We doubled up the amount for euros paid total.

Current rates are:
Service active time: 0.625% / Month
Total history paid: 0.625% / 25euro
If there is refunds it deducts 0.0625% / 25euro (Bonus disk cannot be negative however)

We have quadrupled the amount for every euro paid AND increased the base ratio :)

Original numbers were:
Service active time: 0.5% / Month
Total history paid: 0.5% / 100euro or 0.125%/25euro
Refunds deducted: 0.5% / 25euro

Please note, bonus disk is only applied if there is sufficient free space on your server and is in no way guaranteed. 
We reserve the right to change these numbers at any time.

Sabato, Gennaio 10, 2015

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