Jul 27th Deluge not working in some systems.

Deluge not working right now for you? Could be because Python dependancies changed once again. We have potential fix for this, but requires sometime to test it etc. before starting to rollout. With any Python application this is the reality, they keep breaking at random times, sometimes even daily. That's why updates has to be avoided at ... Read More »

Jul 22nd Long standing stability issue resolved - New PMSS Release

Another rather long standing stability issue has been resolved which was causing SSH not to function sometimes, checking processes to failing etc. various issues in operation.We made a new release today with that.Along with that is a fix for docker not always running properly (an environment variable needed to be added on .bashrc). Thanks to ... Read More »

Jul 21st PM Seedbox Software New Release!

There's a new release of PMSS: https://github.com/MagnaCapax/PMSS/releases/tag/2023-07-21This patch mainly addresses some newly come up stability and reliability issues caused by Deluge, qBittorrent and Docker.Some convenience things (new MOTD) and huge bump on PHP performance, especially noticeable on ruTorrent loading.This has already been ... Read More »

Jul 18th Power Up Your Performance with Our New MD4 and MD5 Dedicated Servers - It's Electrifying!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new MD4 and MD5 series! These mini dedicated servers are not just mini in name, they are also mini in their power consumption but maxi in their performance. Talk about being small but mighty, right?Our MD4 dedi, priced at an incredibly affordable 29.99€ per month, comes with an Intel i5-7500t ... Read More »

Jul 11th Billing outgoing e-mails issue being investigated [FIXED]

Some emails are not going out for some reason.

This is being investigated, but will take several hours for resolution.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jul 9th Billing site short downtime today sorted out quickly

There was a downtime with billing server today.

This was due to a 3rd party administrative issue which caused it, easily solved and nothing to do on technical level.
Plans are already in place and execution has started to mitigate chances of this happening in future.

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