Dec 24th Happy Holidays 2022 And A Look Into Present And Future

Let’s celebrate the end of a challenging year and look to a bright future From navigating economic difficulties to implementing strategies to reduce operational costs (OpEx), it’s been a year of adapting and persevering. As we look ahead to the….Continue reading at ... Read More »

Dec 16th End Of Sale Notification: Value1000 (V1000) Series

Value1000 series sales are going to end 3.1.2023

Dec 16th rTorrent Seg Faults recently, issue fixed and propagating

rTorrent has recently started to seg fault for some users constantly, and for others randomly.Turns out there was issues with it's handling of libcurl. We just updated the libcurl version to newer and that has solved the issue for those with constant crashes.This update is now being propagated automatically to all servers slowly in a rolling ... Read More »

Dec 15th Black Friday Raffle: +1 Month to service for ALL of the Raffles

It was determined that 2nd month -80% was not being applied to any of the raffle signups.

Therefore we are adding the second month completely FREE for every raffle still active!

This has already been applied. Open invoices will be shortly cancelled.

Happy Holidays!

Dec 14th Black Friday Raffle: 2nd month discount not applied automatically for some

There's been a software glitch and the 2nd month discount is not applied for some people.Sometimes the promotion code is not applied to the service permanently, but should be since the initial order was discounted.This results in the 2nd month being regular price for those affected.If this is the case for you, please open a ticket and it will be ... Read More »

Dec 10th MINI Server Beta Testing: Core i5-7500T, 16GB RAM, 256GB Kingston NVMe - 19.99€/First Month

We are testing a miniserver setup, these are quite low powered units, idling at about 15W and 35W CPU. In practice we saw these peaking at just shy of 30W.These are fully beta test units still, so special condition is that if we deem these not to function as expected we may cancel the service after first month. Further there might be outages if we ... Read More »

Dec 10th Real power consumption is now ~-54,4% lower from July average

As older nodes can be finally shutdown, the real consumption difference is finally happening.Part of the reason is less cooling required during winter, but most of this is about the server upgrades.So we have already managed a whopping -54,4% reduction in power consumption, but our work is far from finished yet.Electricity prices are skyhigh right ... Read More »

Dec 8th Short network issue on one of the TOR switches, affecting single rack

A bug was found on management of one of the routers.This caused a short downtime for one of the TOR switches.So in essence human error for not double checking, but then again, it's also a software issue when single interface going down on a LAG group brings down the whole LAG group.This failure mode will be removed with router upgrade, which is in ... Read More »

Dec 5th Network maintenance scheduled for today

We have to do some network maintenance, this might include having to reboot our edge router.These can cause intermittent issues, or even whole network outage for a few minutes at a time. We will try to keep updated as the work continues, but the actual work takes priority over updates.We estimate the biggest work to take less than 30minutes which ... Read More »

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