Nov 27th Current power usage metrics on per user and per TiB basis

It's been slower progress than before as we have reserved the capacity for black friday / cyberweek sales.Still, progress has been made.We expect to continue migrations soon, and that will make a huge difference on the W/User metric.Current figures, parenthesis from last announcement and from the first publication of these metrics:9.95W/user ... إقرأ المزيد »

Nov 26th Some new servers with self-signed SSL Cert -> Let's Encrypt Limits met

Some of the new nodes are with self signed certs for 1-3 weeks as we met the Let's Encrypt limits.

We are looking at alternatives for future so we do not hit these limits again, but those changes will happen at earliest Q1/2023.

Nov 20th M10G Series Upgraded To ALL AMD EPyC or Ryzen!

Any new purchases of M10G series goes solely to EPyC or Ryzen servers.
Most will goto the latest standard EPyC with Hybrid SSD cached storage as well.

Remaining old users on non EPyC or Ryzen servers will be upgraded and migrated within months to these upgraded servers.

Performance has increased very significantly for these.

Nov 15th New migration script which attempts to migrate absolutely everything

Standard directories and paths are not enough for everyone migrated.So we created new migration which copies everything, but items on exclusion list.This is still beta, and might break users badly -- but it gets almost everything now.If you were lately migrated and want us to relaunch migration for you with the new script, please contact support. إقرأ المزيد »

Nov 10th Some 10Gbps and 20Gbps dedicated servers available

10G UNMETERED DEDIS* Xeon X5660 6c/12t, 144GB ECC RAM, 4x16TB: 270€ a month (1 available)* Xeon X5660 6c/12t, 72GB ECC RAM, 4x14TB: 250€ a month (many available)* 2*Xeon L5630 8c/16t, 48GB ECC RAM, 6x8TB: 230€ a month  (2 available)* 2*Xeon L5630 8c/16t, 96GB ECC RAM, 6x8TB: 245€ a month (1 available)* 2*Xeon L5520 8c/16t, 144GB ECC RAM, ... إقرأ المزيد »

Nov 10th Progress on re-organizing for lesser power consumption AND more performance is progressing faster and faster

Immense progress in just one week, this really shows the "S-curve" in action, rather slow start on changes but it's getting faster and faster.Today we are calculating - parenthesis for 1 week change and from first announcement:9.85W/user (-1,24W, -3,52W)3.02W/TiB (+0.03W, -0.37W)3.02W/TiB allocated (-0.39W)We are very near 100% provisioned now, no ... إقرأ المزيد »

Nov 9th Dragon-R: Almost sold out, more servers planned to come online within 2 weeks

Dragon-R stock is quite low already.

More servers has been planned to be installed within 2 weeks.
These servers are already racked, but waiting for shipment of some accessories only.

Nov 3rd Good progress on power consumption per user

While upgrading servers we have already managed to enhance power consumption by leaps and bounds.We are currently seeing 11.09W per user and 2.99W per TiB of storage. Per allocated unit of storage we are measuring 3.41W/TiB.Measurements are from in-production seedbox servers, and will come to fruition at the pace old servers are shutdown 1-1.5 ... إقرأ المزيد »

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