Oct 26th Dragon-R expected to be back in stock by end of this week (UPDATE)

If you have been waiting for a chance to get a Dragon-R now is your chance :)

New servers will be in production by end of this week.

See the offers at: https://pulsedmedia.com/dragon-r-20gbps-rtorrent-seedboxes.php

Update: Delayed by several days.

Oct 21st Our users are 1337

Average shared seedbox user consumes 13.37W of energy, and average TiB of storage is 3.39W

There are a lot of legacy servers as well which pushes these wattages a bit higher.

Progress has started to change this.

Oct 19th Enhancing service performance AND performance stability; A stop to RAM and CPU abuse

RAM usage, and sometimes CPU usage abuse has become very rampant this year.Many users have been consuming 50%+ of server RAM.We have thus introduced now strict memory limits; SOFT LIMITis set to the advertised maximum and Hard Limit Is Double of advertised RAM for now as people settles in.Also some CPU usage metrics are being now shown and "tasks" ... Read More »

Oct 15th Our website was DDOS attacked today

A wide variety of IPs were involved in the attack.

This has been mitigated now, sorry for the few minutes of inaccessibility or slow access to our website you may have experienced.

Oct 3rd Helsinki datacenter: Electrical maintenance (Finished)

Small electrical maintenance happening on Helsinki Datacenter, a few services affected momentarily.

ETA to finish is under 30minutes

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