Jul 26th Warning; Using Microsoft email services such as Hotmail or Oulook is again dropping e-mail silently

We've been notified this has been going once again.Microsoft e-mail services tells our MTA that they accepted and forwarded to recipient our e-mail, but they truly just silently drop it. Hence breaking RFC standards.We are not the only ones by far with this issue, for example PyPi issue here: ... Read More »

Jul 13th LT1 top of the rack switch issues, ZEN MiniDedis / M1000 SSD series affected [FIXED]

We are investigating issues with lt1 top of the rack switch. Many ZEN MiniDedis and M1000 SSD seedbox servers are connected to this switch.The switch has been having intermittent connection issues, packets being dropped severely.All metrics look good however, optics are intact, next level aggregation switch reports links OK etc.RESOLVED:  Issue ... Read More »

Jul 12th EUR-USD Exchange rate met parity today, affecting customers with USD billing accounts

EUR-USD exchange rate has visited parity today.
EUR is down from approx 1.188USD per EUR to  roughly 1.0 now.

That is really a dramatic change over the course of 1 year.

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