Jun 27th Helsinki datacenter electrical issue: RESOLVED. Update: 07:26AM

There was an electrical issue at the building electrical cabinet. Took a little bit of time for electrical contractor to arrive during Holiday sunday-monday night.At roughly 01:45AM local time one of the phases went down on one of the electrical feeds we have. This caused a cascade on cooling side since 3-phase chillers need all 3-phases.The issue ... Read More »

Jun 23rd LT5 rack uplinks fixed, capacity increased

There was an configuration mistake leading to less uplink capacity on LT5 than expected.

This was noticed as during the past couple days the rack has hit maximum usage for the first time.
This is now fixed and there is much more uplink capacity on the rack.

Jun 18th NEW Ryzen SSD seedboxes with HUGE traffic ratio released!

The ALL New M1000 Ryzen SSD series has just been released!

It offers all AMD Ryzen CPU servers with big traffic ratios! We even managed to keep the users per server amounts quite decent.

Check it all out at: https://pulsedmedia.com/m1000-ssd-seedbox.php

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