Aug 22nd Rack switch failure [UPDATE: 23:02 -- RESOLVED]

One top of the rack switch has failed causing several dozen servers to be down at the moment.Staff is en route to datacenter. ETA for full resolution 3hours.UPDATE 23:02 - Resolved, all servers back online. A Rittal PDU had failed. This is a known issue with this model of PDU, their fusing over time simply fails and cannot be reset anymore. ... Читать далее »

Aug 21st Big power outage in Helsinki [UPDATE 12:48 - RESOLVED]

There's been a big power outage in the whole Helsinki area energy grid.This has caused several backend infrastructure servers and production servers to go down and into "halted" state where not even remote management responds.Staff en route to datacenter.Update 10:38 - Some of the infrastructure servers brought back online -- getting servers hard ... Читать далее »

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