May 19th Value1000: Terrific Value For Chia Plot Storage

Value1000 Series Can Be Very Good Value For Chia Plot StorageValue1000 L is 8TB at 16.99€ a month, with 2+ year discount of 15% this already drops to 14.44€/Month or ~1.81€/TB/Month. Add to that bonus disk storage you may get for service lifetime or euros paid: ... Read More »

May 13th Storage servers & Storage CS2100 Availability: Still under 4 weeks

We have sold a lot of storage servers over the past few weeks.We still have availability for the CS2100 96TB in less than the normal 4 week delivery schedule for the time being.Please contact sales if you want one.We still might even be able to fullfill the 12x16TB / 192TB CS2100 orders at current pricing for 6+ month prepaid orders.Ask sales if ... Read More »

May 7th Seedboxes as Chia farm storage -- Chia plotter servers coming

Some of our customers are using our seedboxes successfully as Chia farm storage targets.This is quite simple to do, simply use SSHFS to mount the seedbox.Have one mount for harvester, another for moving data. This dual connection ensures that while filling up the seedbox with your Chia plots harvester has unhindered fast access to the plots.Chia ... Read More »

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