Mar 30th M1000 Corona special restocked

Sorry we went out of stock for the larger seedboxes for a few moments there. Situation has been fixed, more servers allowed to be provisioned on again.

There are plenty of Value250 series available as well.

Mar 23rd Internet route congestion all over Europe

As everyone is at home and spending time streaming videos all the time, there are a lot of ISPs with severe congestion in their networks right now.There's been talk that Netflix would be going only 480p and Youtube defaulting to 480p in Europe, at least for some networks.If you are right now having lower than usual FTP/SFTP speeds that might be ... Read More »

Mar 18th The Rona Relief Special Re-stocked M1000 and added SSD option

M1000 was restocked today in essence - marking allowed provisioning on many servers.

SSD special was added, 1-3 years with compounded total 50% recurring discount.

Check them out at:

Mar 16th State of Emergency in Finland due to global pandemic

Finnish government today announced state of emergency and are closing borders due to the Corona virus pandemic.This is currently estimated to last until 13.04.Freight still moves normally, most services are running normally etc. but gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed and people should remain at home.This situation means following ... Read More »

Mar 7th Emby on shared seedboxes

It is quite simple to setup, if you are on higher end service say Dragon-R it's completely OK to run Emby on our servers as well even with transcoding, just remember to change ports.Make sure there is plenty of free cpu timeInstallation is as simple as something of this sor, login via SSH andt:wget -O emby.deb ... Read More »