Nov 24th Important Notice: Support Response Delays Due to Black Friday Rush

We're experiencing an unprecedented rush this Black Friday season, and it's all thanks to your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for our specials! However, this surge has led to a higher volume of inquiries and support tickets than usual.We want to assure you that our team is working tirelessly to address every query. Your concerns are important ... Leia mais... »

Nov 22nd ⚡️ Breaking News: Electrical Maintenance Postponed Again... 🔄

In an unexpected twist of fate, just as we were gearing up for the "Great Electrical Maintenance Showdown" at our Helsinki Datacenter, the universe decided to throw us another curveball. So, brace yourselves: the much-anticipated electrical maintenance has been postponed yet again, this time to an undetermined future date (again 🔄). The Saga ... Leia mais... »

Oct 28th Electrical ⚡ Maintenance Rescheduled: 22nd of November. Yes, JUST before Black Friday

The electrical maintenance which has been post-poned and post-poned by the building manager is now scheduled to happen 22nd of November.Let's hope we can finally but this behind us and they can complete the building electrical renovations.Our staff will be on-site burning not just the midnight oil but it's going to be an all-nighter.Some previous ... Leia mais... »

Oct 10th MD Series Development Update. 50%+ Remote Reboots now possible

50%+ of nodes can now be remote rebooted freely.Documentation and software work on that is on-going, but the hardware is now fully in place and scaleable.To fully document this, most of the nodes needs to be hard rebooted once. Approximately 12.5% of total. This will happen gradually over time, and we should only need to do it once.Older platforms ... Leia mais... »

Oct 3rd Update on Electrical Maintenance at Helsinki DC - Cancelled & Rescheduled Due To Equipment Supplier 📣

Hope you're all doing great! 🌟 We've got some important news to share about the electrical maintenance that was scheduled for our Helsinki Data Center. 🚫 Breaking News: Maintenance Cancelled 🚫 Okay, so here's the tea ☕: The maintenance is officially cancelled. Why, you ask? Well, equipment supplier kinda dropped the ball and didn't ... Leia mais... »

Oct 2nd Helsinki DC: Power maintenance THIS Wednesday [CANCELLED/RESCHEDULED]

Power outage from Wednesday 23:00 Helsinki Time to thursday night 03:00.Generator is on-site, but we do have to reboot almost all servers regardless, and there might be servers which will not be brought online during this.Please refrain from opening tickets until you see announcement of maintenance being over.UPDATE: Cancelled/Rescheduled, read ... Leia mais... »

Sep 23rd Helsinki DC outage, investigation underway. [RESOLVED]

Follow on network status page well as here.Intervention is underway and staff going on-site.UPDATE 1: Electrical grid issues confirmed, but everything should've recovered automatically if even went down. Staff moving on site.RESOLUTION: We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we ... Leia mais... »

Sep 3rd Update: Electrical Maintenance Delayed to 3rd-4th October Night

We've got a quick update about the electrical maintenance that was originally scheduled for 5th September 2023. The new dates are now the night of **3rd to 4th October 2023**, from 23:00 to 03:00.Just like before, some or all nodes may be down during this time. We'll still have a backup generator on-site, but depending on the load, we might not be ... Leia mais... »

Aug 22nd Deluge fixed and update is being rolled out

Deluge support has been fixed, discussed here:

The update is being rolled out to servers on standard rolling updates manner.

Aug 14th ⚡ Reminder: Electrical Maintenance on 5th September 2023

Just a quick reminder about the electrical maintenance happening at Datacenter 1 this fall. We want to make sure you're prepared, so here's what you need to know:Date: Tuesday, 5th September 2023Time: 23:00 to 03:00Impact: Some or all nodes may be down during this time. We'll have a backup generator on-site, but depending on the load, we might not ... Leia mais... »

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