May 13th Network maintenance scheduled for Wednesday around 10:00-14:00 Helsinki Time

Expected downtime is for 1 link and mere minutes at most. Some of the time is taken by reloading BGP routing time.Connectivity will likely not drop, but there will be flip flop on routes and most likely some congestion for this few minutes period.Let's hope there isn't any issues and this is actually accomplished in the mere minutes.One fiber has ... Read More »

May 12th Seedbox Software UPDATES! Massive Improvements, Rolling Out Now! Feedback Requested

We have finally moved to production from Github, and are now migrating nodes from our own private repo release to the github release.This brings a lot of bug fixes, feature additions etc. depending on what was your current version on the server you are on. Some servers had some of these updates already, but not all.So every server updated today ... Read More »

Apr 8th Important Information Regarding Docker Containers and Images

While most containers should work seamlessly with our service, please note that we have not validated them. Therefore, if you encounter any issues, we encourage you to join our Discord channel and seek help from our fellow users. Here are some tips to help you avoid issues related to Docker containers and ... Read More »

Apr 2nd Misplaced IPs and Trigger-Happy Censorship: Our Wacky Adventure

Gather 'round for a wild tale of misplaced IPs, woke warriors, and the Importance of Free Speech. Once upon a time in the land of Pulsed Media, some clever soul somewhere decided to assign one of our /24 IP ranges to Moscow, Russia. Little did they know that this seemingly innocent act would set off a chain reaction of kumbaya-singing, ... Read More »

Mar 28th Storage Seedbox offers updated

Storage Seedbox offers has been overhauled and released.

Currently 10Gbps RAID0 offers available from 4TB to 16TB. See options at

Mar 22nd Try Pulsed Media 10Gbps Seedboxes for Free with Our 14-Day MoneyBack Guarantee and Explore the World of qBittorrent and Deluge Seedbox Servers

Experience the power of Pulsed Media seedboxes for Free with our incredible 14-day money-back guarantee! You can test our seedbox trial without any risk, and discover the amazing features we offer, such as Deluge, qBittorrent and Docker. Our seedboxes are not only perfect for downloading and uploading content at lightning-fast speeds but also ... Read More »

Feb 13th M1000 SSD Extras are now available

M1000 SSD Extras has been added and are viewable on the upgrades/downgrades view for the service in question.

Some of the higher end choices might lead to you getting in essence a dedicated server.
Contact support if that is the case.

Feb 4th Pulsed Media Seedbox Software Now On Github AND YES, You May Contribute!

View it all in it's glory at's the first github version and we are working out the processes still.Most important is that now you can easily raise issues, create pull requests etc.Best contributions will get service credit rewards, and top contributors may opt for wiretransfer / paypal payments.This software is ... Read More »

Jan 26th Automate Your Media Management with Pulsed Media's All-in-One *ARR + Jellyfin Script

We're excited to announce that we've updated and made it even easier to install all the popular *ARR scripts on your seedbox! Now you can easily install and manage SABnzbd, Radarr, Prowlarr, Sonarr, and Jellyfin all in one convenient script.This installation script was created by /u/Polawo and has been updated by one of our staff members, Egor, to ... Read More »

Jan 24th Investigating Mysterious Freezes on Some of Our New Servers

There's been recent issues that we have been experiencing on some of our servers. As many of you may know, we recently moved to a new software and hardware paradigm due to the ongoing energy crisis. This move has brought many benefits in terms of performance and energy efficiency, but it has also brought some new issues, that we are currently ... Read More »

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