These are bounces and mostly originate from 2 domains, It's a bounce attack with email servers which do not check SPF or DKIM at all, and sends bounces regardless if origin is acceptable.
All of them are "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" or similar, from select few domains.
We have no customers in those domains, therefore have not sent email to them before.

This took multiple days to notice because no errors were not generated, some tickets still got imported etc. It was only noticed after longer time completely no tickets imported and error message was generated that import had not finished fully in a while.

We are still investigating and working on this, it's rather slow because loading a inbox of that size is ... Well slow.

If you opened a support ticket via e-mail in the past few days, please login to client portal and ensure you have that ticket or that you got a reply of ticket being opened.



If you tried to open ticket OR reply to a ticket by emailing support, please ensure you actually got the ticket opening. No email client could function with the inbox anymore so it had to be 100% cleared sadly.
Some still got imported, some did not get imported. It was impossible to tell if all legit replies / ticket opens were imported.


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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