We were sending an email to users of particular server earlier today, it needs some human attention.

This email was chosen to be sent to that specific user group.

We use a 3rd party billing system, probably the most common one among hosting companies. We recently updated from a very old version to the newest version. Turns out there's a plethora of new bugs // usability gotchas on old features; This time it was sending an e-mail meant for couple dozen users to everyone.

So this defaulted to just send everyone and anybody the email, which was meant for specific product, only active services, specific domain -> Send it to everyone.
You have to go look for it to see the email sending progress, and to how many. Future we will recheck the recipient numbers on each emailing. Slows significantly down every day work or less emails sent to users of specific servers as a group. We will see.


We are really sorry for having pestered so many users with thing that does not concern them the least.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

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