Immense progress in just one week, this really shows the "S-curve" in action, rather slow start on changes but it's getting faster and faster.

Today we are calculating - parenthesis for 1 week change and from first announcement:
9.85W/user (-1,24W, -3,52W)
3.02W/TiB (+0.03W, -0.37W)
3.02W/TiB allocated (-0.39W)

We are very near 100% provisioned now, no more under provisioned servers! :) "The Fat Has Been Trimmed". Curbing on abusive users has been very significant step towards this, yes those trying to allocate 10x+ of server RAM, or doing 500+ connections PER torrent, or PER rclone transfer, along with server optimizations which have worked brilliantly. The end result is that finally all the servers can be fully provisioned again AND we even saw network bandwidth utilization record already despite a lot of migrations undergoing.

There is a small lag on realizing these in the real world as servers under migration has already been removed from the calculation but are yet to be shutdown, this lag is 1-2 weeks typical.

Some servers are ready to be deployed right now, and these will drop these ratings significantly.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

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