Some of our customers are using our seedboxes successfully as Chia farm storage targets.

This is quite simple to do, simply use SSHFS to mount the seedbox.
Have one mount for harvester, another for moving data. This dual connection ensures that while filling up the seedbox with your Chia plots harvester has unhindered fast access to the plots.

Chia plotter servers

We should have availability for chia plotter servers soon.
First version uses Ryzen 5900X 12C/24T, 128GB Ram and 8x SATA SSD.

We will release the pricing and specs as soon as possible and make them available for preorder.

Please note that there is 2 weeks of backlog and we might need to restrict orders as well.

NVMe version(s) will become available several weeks after that.

Chia farm storage servers

You can use our storage server offers as farm storage, but more cost optimized "min/max" storage servers will become available soon.

Friday, May 7, 2021

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