If you are having issues with rTorrent just "not doing anything" occasionally, it is most likely due to using of public trackers.

Public trackers constantly come and go, and many public torrents have big big lists of trackers because most of them do not work any way.

Unfortunately, rTorrent is not well mutithreaded and this can cause a situation where rTorrent's other connectivity is essentially blocked -- nothing happens except GUI updates (the API/Connection is one of the  very few multithreaded things).

To solve it go through your torrents and remove dead trackers + restart rTorrent.
We have made an article about it long time ago as well: https://blog.pulsedmedia.com/2017/10/faster-public-torrents-with-pulsed-media-seedboxes/

We are currently working on logging downed trackers and to build a new filtering list. Automated scripts are ready as soon as we have a proper up-to-date list from the logs.
That script will clean up public torrents for known dead or problematic trackers.

We also released bounties on rTorrent fixes: https://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/Pulsed_Media#Development_Bounty_Program
And the traffic complete halts we've had open bounty for sometime: https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/issues/999

503 issues

This too is caused by rTorrent most likely causing PHP-CGI / FCGI crashes frequently. This happened almost never in the past, so we did not have fault tolerance for checking if user php-cgi processes are running.
This has been fixed, and check frequency is now just 1 minute!

Only lead as to what is causing it is the combination of rTorrent update + ruTorrent update. Due to remote vulnerability with rTorrent 0.9.6 (which btw does not even compile on debian 10: https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/issues/1041 ) we were forced to update in most haste to 0.9.8 roughly a year ago.

Deluge support is coming!

We made the basic work to start support Deluge soon. If you want to use Deluge you are now free to install it yourself as well and launch it.
Official support + potential GUI integration is coming soon.

Deluge support is here!

If you do not see buttons for deluge yet in your welcome page, please contact support to have this latest update put on your server.

Traffic Limitation Changed to ALL services!

Deluge support is afforted by moving to traffic limit on kernel / network stack level instead of application (rTorrent). rTorrent update once again _broke_ the API, and therefore traffic limits did not work at all. We made new systems just lately, and this update is on many servers now.

In future traffic limiting will be done on ALL protocols, including FTP and SFTP and even rclone/syncthing instead of just torrents. This also curbs bandwidth abuse for users which did not really use torrents, but were consistently above their traffic limits.

On the plus side, in the past the lowest bracket was only 10Mbps. Currently we are still allowing 100Mbps making every and each service in essence what many market as "Unmetered", "Unlimited" or "Guaranteed".

Sunday, November 8, 2020

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