We are receiving multiple spam attacks once again.

We have re-enabled e-mail verifications for now on the billing system as spammers are using 3rd party addresses for registration this time around.

UPDATE: Our Wiki is almost a goner due to the spammers, it's just too much to cleanup manually and good tools do not exist. We are looking for options. It's become very apparent that making MediaWiki to be easy to maintain for future is questionable. We might replace the wiki as it's not really been used to do community wise updates. Recent update re-enabled everyone editing and user registrations which we missed and has caused this spam issue. It looks like MediaWiki themselves admit that spam is going to be forever non-solvable issue, and MediaWiki does not come out of box with any anti-spam measures, everything is an extension which needs configuration etc. and has limited functionality.  Considering options still.

Monday, April 27, 2020

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