Just like everyone, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Youtube etc. are hitting some bottlenecks in their networks - so are we.

We are now averaging very close to our maximum transit capacity, so we are definitively getting micro bursts to roughly at our maximum capacity for outbound traffic.
Inbound traffic has a little bit more than doubled as well from 2 months back.

This is 2 fold - A LOT of new users at once, and everyone using their services at once. New seedboxes always consume a lot more than say a 2 year old which are more burst usage in their nature.
Everyone is staying at home and enjoying their seedboxes and other online services, so usage is peaking as well.

This usage level will subside over time and throughputs will stabilize, however if it continues we are prepared to increase our transit capacity as well.
There is no serious bottlenecking yet on overall capacity, but there can be individual TCP connections which are running slower as expected due to a microburst (speed goes down and slowly ramps back up). Some individual racks might also be seeing some bandwidth bottlenecking right now, which we will be working on within the next 2 weeks -- there is a backlog of server deliveries which needs to be cleared first.

Long term; We have lately done some investments for new gear which we are waiting to arrive, after they arrive we will start slowly taking them into operation, after which we will begin opening new links and peerings - but these are very slow projects.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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