We have added .rtorrent.rc.custom support for custom rtorrent configurations.
You cannot override performance settings but you can setup custom watch directories, schedules etc.

If your configuration has not been updated yet for .rtorrent.rc.custom support, please contact support to enable it for you.

We removed older TLSv1 support, and updated ciphers.
Further we have started adding signed certificates via Let's Encrypt to servers. It is first coming to newest servers before rolling out to older servers. All new servers should have a Let's Encrypt certificate as well.

If you want your server to skip ahead on the list for regular SSL certificate, please contact support and we'll make it happen.

Full rollout will take a long time to happen, as there is limitations on how many certificates per domain you can create weekly. Eventually all servers will have certificates however.
This has been enabled by the great work at Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for making automation better.

If your server does not have yet a Let's Encrypt certificate and you get a warning: It only means there is no "trusted root authority", ie. central body who has approved that certificate. With self signed certificates the data is encrypted just as well as with a signed certificate.

Rtorrent failsafes:
We added more failsafes against multiple rtorrent instances running from same session etc. this was one of the 0.9.8 version update regressions.

As usual, you can read the full changelog at: https://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/PM_Software_Stack#Changes_2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

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