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The primary changes are:

"We reserve the right to re-provision your account at any time without prior notice, wiping your data and to move you to another server"
this means we might re-allocate you to another server without data migration at any given time, so always keep backups of your important data if you are using an auction seedbox. Reason for this is that at times we need to load balance servers and the extremely low price point of auction slots really do not give us much resources to manually micromanage accounts like that. The alternative in the past has been to cancel your auction slot at end of billing term.

"No bonus disk quota"
This means you will not gain extra disk space over time with auction slots, this is a perk for long time users and we felt like it was not right for those on regular plans that bottom priced auction slots would get the same perks as long time regular users.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

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