We have sold a lot of storage servers over the past few weeks.

We still have availability for the CS2100 96TB in less than the normal 4 week delivery schedule for the time being.
Please contact sales if you want one.

We still might even be able to fullfill the 12x16TB / 192TB CS2100 orders at current pricing for 6+ month prepaid orders.
Ask sales if we are still able to get close enough pricing for new drives.

** CS2100 Storage upgrades:
For additional storage we have several JBOD units available as well. A few Supermicro 45bay units, and a few older 16bay units.
Ask sales for options.

** Deliveries
Servers will be delivered mostly on a FIFO & prepayment basis, so earlier you get your order in the earlier you will get the unit.
Longer term the prepayment is the higher priority we give to your order, for example 3month prepayments will be delivered mostly prior to month to month orders.

Mostly we have exhausted our inventory at this point, hence multiple weeks of wait as we get parts in.

** Long  term availability:

We have already several petabytes of storage on order, and few racks worth of storage servers. Many of these will arrive during the summer & fall, and all of those servers should be delivered by end of Q4.

Fast availability for hardware fluctuates constantly, but we will do our best to get deliveries made each and every week. Including going for "storage hunts", visiting every local store which might have drives for pickup.

We are trying to buffer out the variability in costs as well, and we are doing our best to keep pricing the same. However, do mention during order if you want fast delivery (at potentially higher cost per unit) or are you able to wait longer as our hardware purchases get in.
Please also speficy if SMR or 5400rpm drives are OK for you (ie. Chia plot storage).

Thursday, May 13, 2021

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