Corona Relief

The human malware known as COVID-19 or Corona virus has caused many places to be quarantined and a lot of people are opting to spend time at home. We'd like to do our small bit in the form of a Rona Relief special, 50% OFF up to 1 year compoundable with regular annual discount on select services. Hopefully that helps you pass the time while in quarantine or when staying at home during this period. You can compound this with Bitcoin/Ethereum/Monero payment discount as well.

There is no limit on this promotion other than how many servers we have vacant for this series offer. You can also get as many slots as you want.

Update 13/03/2020: In Finland safety measures has been recommend to be extended until end of May. 50 new cases in 24hours, 109 total cases at this point in Finland. We have upped our Rona Relief offer to be upto 1 year.

Update 16/03/2020: State of emergency announced in Finland, borders closed. 278 total cases confirmed in Finland. Our custom server builds might get delayed by up to 5 weeks.

Update 18/03/2020: 359 total cases confirmed in Finland. Still no widespread testing available. Added SSD Seedbox RECURRING Discount, 1 to 3 year term with compounded total discount of 50% from monthly pricing. 1 to 3 year prepayment is required. Sorry we went momentarily out of stock for M1000 there, this has been fixed now.

Update 23/03/2020: 626 total cases confirmed in Finland, 1 death. Added Value250 special with same terms as the SSD Recurring discount.

Update 26/03/2020: 880 total cases confirmed in Finland, 3 deaths. Still no widespread testing, not even for all healthcare workers. Whole capital area county is going for a lockdown tomorrow.

Update 28/03/2020: 1023 total cases confirmed in Finland, 5 deaths, 32 critical condition, 10 recovered (data 27/03). Numbers do not match reality most likely. Uusimaa county lockdown was delayed but army is ready on borders to start enforcing it. By end of this month we will rework the Corona Relief specials to limit confusion, there will be 1 to ~3 different special packages for offer, and they will be 1-3 year offers recurring type at extremely low cost for the resources you get. We still have quite a bit of reserve capacity and we want all of this reserve capacity to go towards helping you during quarantine/lockdown/crisis period and well beyond that. We have approximately 750TiB in terms of storage vacant, and more on order. Few hundred TiB more on dedicated services, and about 2 racks of unprovisioned servers waiting to be turned on. Decision of how long we will extend these will be done by the last day of the month, likely for at the very least 2 weeks. Pulsed Media founder has been in self quarantine for more close to 3 weeks with cough and other mild symptoms but it is unknown if it is this Human Malware, tests are not available in Finland for non-critical patients -- but for safety a full quarantine is in place.

Update 31/03/2020: 1313 total cases confirmed in Finland, 13 deaths. County closed down for atleast several weeks. Tentatively extending Corona specials until end of April - but some changes to specials might occur within the week. We are considering relaunching the auctions as part of the corona relief package. We ran out of M1000 series offers again for a brief moment yesterday, it got swiftly fixed.

Update 01/04/2020: 1384 total cases confirmed in Finland, 17 deaths. Still no widespread testing available, public can get in very limited quantities from private healthcare sector however at quite a high price. BIG BIG NEWS: Corona Auction available! We added an auction M1000 slot as Corona relief Seedbox Auctions page. This is fully normal slot you can purchase upto 3 years, SLA level Gold like normal M1000 series, no special terms of anykind.

Update 11/04/2020: 2769 total cases confirmed in Finland, 48 deaths. 82 critical and 44 400 tests done. Importantly 866 fully recovered! We are starting to run low on M1000 stock, but worry not! We can move some of our MDS to M1000 series and 1 new server has been waiting for provisioning. We might have stock for few more weeks. Once M1000 is close to sold out, we might end the -50% special, but auction will remain as long as there is any space. We are catching up on server delivery schedule during the next 2 weeks period as well.

Update 19/04/2020: 3681 total cases confirmed in Finland, 90 deaths. Uusimaa county lockdown has ended now. looks like the curve is tapering.

Update 27/04/2020: 4695 total cases confirmed in Finland, 193 deaths. 2500 recovered, 82400 tests done. Last doubling took 19 days. Deaths indeed have dramatically increased, but new cases do not look exponential any more - it's quite flat. Situation is expected to continue, so it is quite likely we will continue the "The Rona Relief" specials as well. Some changes might have to be done to them however. We expect auctions to continue, and as stated before, there are no special terms on the auctions of any kind -- For all but name & pricing it is considered to be a regular M1000 series service.

Update 30/04/2020: 4995 total cases confirmed in Finland, 206 deaths. 2800 recovered, 93900 tests done. Last doubling 21days. Talks about starting to reopen schools, no new info on restaurants. We are extending the Corona specials as-is for now. We are badly lagging behind on ZEN MiniDedi orders, but other dedis are still in stock. Hope to catch up all current ZEN MiniDedi orders within 3 weeks -- There are also some supplier bottlenecks for the MiniDedis right now.

Update 10/05/2020: 5900 total cases confirmed in Finland, 265 deaths. 4000 recovered, 121500 tests done. Last doubling 30 days. Curve has been tapered, and thigns are getting back to normal. Things have started to open up. Value250 Corona special is now over. M1000 corona special still has some good capacity available.

Update 20/05/2020: 6400 total cases confirmed in Finland, 304 deaths. 5000 recovered, 156200 tests done. Last doubling 35 days. Things are looking to back to normal over here, like in many other palces as well. We are sorry but we have to end the superb insanely good M1000 deal for 50% off for upto a year. If you got one and want to renew, please remember to open a ticket for the permanent 15% + 1 extra free month (we are applying that for everyone now). SSD offer continues for now, as well as the auction.

Update 31/05/2020: 6800 total cases confirmed in Finland, 316 deaths. 5500 recovered, 182700 tests done. Last doubling 46 days. Curve has been tapered and the country is starting to open up again starting from 1st of June. That concludes our corona Specials, but we realize for many things won't get back to normal yet. Especially in the restaurant, travel and similar industries. Hence the seedbox auction will continue until end of June (or as we run out of stock), but other specials are over.

Last of "The Rona Relief" special offers will end, tentatively, at 30/06/2020 23:59 CEST

If the Corona situation worsens or does not resolve by April we will extend this offer as well.

Note: Price updates on checkout page! Contact sales if you are having issues getting the discount applied

Corona Relief Seedbox Auctions
  • M1000 Corona 1TB
  • / month
    monthly billing
  • 1TB RAID5 Redundant Storage  
  • 1Gbps/1Gbps Torrents
  • 10 000 GiB Torrent traffic  
  • Location: EU, Finland
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