Oct 10th Managed Dediseedbox Finland: Power of dedicated with shared ease of use!

We have introduced the MDS series back with couple of models hosted in our Helsinki, Finland datacenter.

You can check them out: https://pulsedmedia.com/managed-dediseedbox.php

Setup is INSTANT and all servers are in stock.

Sep 26th ZEN MiniDedi Pre-order discount extended!

Preorders as previously discussed here: http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/announcements.php?id=448We have extended the pre-orders by a few more weeks as the HDD based variants has not yet been delivered. All SSD based pre-order systems are now online, as announced at: http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/announcements.php?id=460Note that these pre-order ... Read More »

Sep 26th ZEN MiniDedi Update: All SSD based systems online, HDD nodes delayed

As of today all the preorders with SSDs only has been delivered and are online.There are a number of HDD based systems waiting for delivery still however. We made a mistake and had assumed the 2.5" slots are full height - turns out they were not. We are working on the solution already, but waiting for parts deliveries. It'll be a few weeks at a ... Read More »

Sep 9th More Bonus Disk Quota!

We have made significant boosts into the bonus disk quota system. Full details of the system: http://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/Pulsed_Media_Free_Bonus_Disk_PolicyWe increased how much bonus disk quota you get per euro paid, by moving the 33€ per percentage point to 28€. This gives a huge boost for each euro you have paid for your ... Read More »

Aug 30th Dedicated server line up update

https://pulsedmedia.com/dedicated-servers-finland.phpWe have updated the example config line up. Contact sales when you want one, depending on model delivery time varies from 1½ weeks upto 6 weeks. We can also custom tailor to your needs.We also have some 1U Dual Xeon 5600 series servers available which can be configured for upto 144GB Ram, ... Read More »

Aug 12th End of auctions: No new slots via auctions to be sold

We are stopping auction slots from being offered for now.Reason is simple: There is a very tiny minority of users, very vocal and extremely demanding; but causing a lot of headache for our support staff in all manners and ways. Further, the new auction slots are now 80-90% of our helpdesk load, thus causing delays providing customer support for ... Read More »

Jul 9th ZEN MiniDedi: The new Ryzen 3400G

We have already added the new Ryzen 3400G as an CPU option for these if you want the latest possible CPU for your MiniDedi.

The ZEN MiniDedi preorder is still going on: http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/announcements.php?id=448
Pre-order is extended until all preorder nodes has been delivered - we estimate this to happen by end of August.

Jul 1st Auctions Update: New Value250 A2 limited to 28days

We have updated our auctions at https://pulsedmedia.com/seedbox-auctions.phpWe wanted to offer higher number of slots at a faster pace and avoid some misunderstandings with this offer.We are targeting to make a lot of slots available for each 24hour period under this new Value250 A2, so expect some fast paced auction action! :)There is a huge ... Read More »

Jun 25th Superb M10G Series Update: Now downspeeds increased to 10Gbps as well!

We have decided to lift the torrent download speed restriction on M10G series!From now on the M10G Series will be 10G/10G symmetric speeds providing you those really nice and fast download speeds as well.This change is being applied slowly to existing users of the servers (necessitates rtorrent restart etc.). If you want it applied now, just open ... Read More »

May 20th Cooling issues with specific server model

Rather expectedly that one specific server model has been having cooling issues again.We have talked about it before at http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/announcements.php?id=435 and http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/announcements.php?id=430We have a list of priority fix nodes which we will begin working on within a couple of weeks. The issue is no ... Read More »