PS in relation to your question of if i'm happy with the box. Thus far it has preformed fastest of any gigabit box i've had. and thats comparing it to 20 or so other providers... constantly getting 70-90MB/s on new stuff. very very sexy -NJ


FREE SEEDBOX, yes, that is absolutely right. A free seedbox. Some kind of scam? Some kind of fraud? No! A real, usable free seedbox - signup and see for yourself!.

Due to significant abuse we are forced to introduce a tiny fee to the free service. Once again for limited duration, completely free signup!

FREE Seedbox

order Free 1 Day Free 7 Days Entry20
Price Zero, Nada! Zero, Nada!
Storage 30GB 10GB 50GB
Torrent RAM 250MB 125MB 125MB
Server network 100Mbps
Download Traffic UNMETERED
Upload Traffic 10GB 70GB 150GB/Mo
Torrent Upload Bandwith 5Mbps 20Mbps
Location EU, France or EU, Finland.
DEDICATED SEEDBOX signup signup order
Delivery INSTANT
Support Our friendly support is included in the paid services 24/7/365

Some (caveats) special conditions apply however!

  • We will send you e-mails as a registered user and as a free seedbox sign up - maximum 3 per month
  • You are allowed only 1 free seedbox per month!
  • No shell or SFTP access
  • This is a outright blatant marketing gimmick, the free SB is probably barely usable as there is a lot of users per server
  • Active for 1 day or 7 days depending upon your selection
  • SB will be closed without prior notice - Data cannot be reclaimed after that
  • It might be an experimental server, or software stack and we are conducting an research.
  • No support beyond simple server repairs (crashed server etc.) - Our friendly 24/7/365 support is available on the paid services

Pulsed Media?

Pulsed Media is the marketing name of NuCode for content distribution and BitTorrent seedbox services.

We specialize on easy to use GUI for seedboxes, high data-rate 10Gbps network, automated order provisioning, automated server maintenance system, and quick customer service with friendly specialists.

Pulsed Media has been offering very high value BitTorrent seedbox services since 2010.

Pulsed Media is a registered company in Finland, VAT ID FI22551954.

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