BitTorrent is an increasingly important distribution channel from small publishers to large enterprises for distributing content to the masses at a low cost, a seedbox can help you to utilize BitTorrent efficiently.

Pulsed Media rTorrent Seedboxes

order Value Super100 2012 Dedi
Annual 5.49€/Mo 10.99€/Mo 17.99€/Mo 22.99€/Mo*
1 Month 7.49€/Mo 11.99€/Mo 24.99€/Mo 26.99€/Mo
Storage 230Gb 740Gb 450Gb 1500GiB
Network 100Mbps 1Gbps 100Mbps
Traffic Unlimited traffic Upto 15Tb Unlimited traffic
24/7 ticketing, e-mail + customer portal

2009+ 100Mbps seedbox offering is our most wanted offering for years, offering a great starting point for those new to seedboxes.

Dedicated servers

Personal Dedicated Servers

Support available 24/7

Pulsed Media has several support options available 24/7.

Pulsed Media?

Pulsed Media is the marketing name of NuCode for content distribution and rutorrent seedbox services.

Pulsed Media has been offering very high value BitTorrent seedbox services since early 2010, specializing in user friendliness and high value.

Pulsed Media is a registered company in Finland, VAT ID FI22551954.

Payment Methods

Paypal, IBAN Wiretransfer.