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1Gbps Dragon 2.0 SeedBox Hosting

order Mushu Toruk Shenlong Temeraire
Disk space 675 GiB 1350 GiB 2025 GiB 2700 GiB
Downlink 1Gbps
Uplink 1Gbps
Users per disk ~3-4 ~1.5 ~1 less than 1
Torrent Traffic 7 TB/Month 15 TB/Month 20 TB/Month 30 TB/Month
rTorrent + ruTorrent
Public trackers allowed
Graphical user interface
Unlimited FTP & SFTP Traffic
SSH Shell Access
Public HTTP
Graphical filemanager
Irssi, Screen
Burstable Diskspace
FREE Bonus Diskspace
Irssi, Screen
24/7/365 Helpdesk
ORDER signup signup signup signup
Delivery INSTANT
24/7 ticketing, e-mail + customer portal

Support available 24/7

Pulsed Media has several support options available 24/7.

Pulsed Media?

Pulsed Media is the marketing name of NuCode for content distribution and BitTorrent seedbox services.

We specialize on easy to use GUI for seedboxes, high data-rate 10Gbps network, automated order provisioning, automated server maintenance system, and quick customer service with friendly specialists.

Pulsed Media has been offering very high value BitTorrent seedbox services since 2010.

Pulsed Media is a registered company in Finland, VAT ID FI22551954.

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