Corona Relief Seedbox Auction

Regular V1000 Seedbox series service, just auction pricing! Sorry no long term additional discounts, but you can now buy for upto 3 years at the auction pricing. No special terms of any kind, regular SLA, regular support.

Price is locked in when finalising order by proceeding to payment gateway, this is when the order is created. Until that time price may change. All extras have standard pricing.

This is a type of reverse auction, the older the new service orders are the lower the price is and vice-versa. So every time someone purchases a seedbox the price jumps up, and keeps going down slowly.
Each service is named by it's according series, ie. M1000, Value250, Dragon. You can check the specific details of these services on their corresponding pages.

Torrent Traffic Limit: Only upload is counted and all upload regardless of protocol, but only torrent speeds will be limited once you get to that limit. SFTP, HTTP etc. speeds will remain unchanged and unlimited.

Diskspace in TB is multiples of 910GiB. The difference is due to hard drive manufacturers using SI-units (1000), and computing systems utilize kibibytes (exponents of 2. 1024) plus a small reservation for system and maintenance reasons. 1TB comes to 931.322 Gibibytes. This means 1TB = 910GiB, 2TB=1820GiB, 3TB=2730GiB, 4TB=3640GiB, 6TB=5460GiB of capacity.

Standard Seedbox Features
  • 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

    All our shared services come with 14-day moneyback guarantee! If you for some reason want a refund, just open a ticket within the initial 14 day period.

  • 99.99% Uptime

    Stability and Reliability is very important. We offer highest reliability seedboxes. We offer very generous Service Level Agreement in case you have any downtime.

  • It's in the cloud

    With Seedbox all your Torrent activity remains in the Seedbox server and so shall your data. If you need even more, you may use the built-in BTSync and OpenVPN support!

  • Storage Extras

    You may burst your storage by 25% for upto 7 days!

    You will also gain FREE extra diskspace just by being a member! Your Seedbox will continue to grow with you as long as you remain with us.

  • Privacy

    We take privacy very seriously and have very strong privacy policy. You can read all about our strong privacy policy.

  • 24/7 Support

    Support is available 24/7 with ticketing, e-mail and complimented by our Knowledge Base and Wiki. In our IRC channel you may ask other users for help with common situations.