No more auctions

Sadly we had to stop offering new auction services. Please take a look at our other offerings.

Standard Seedbox Features
  • 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

    All our shared services come with 14-day moneyback guarantee! If you for some reason want a refund, just open a ticket within the initial 14 day period.

  • 99.99% Uptime

    Stability and Reliability is very important. We offer highest reliability & stability in seedboxes. In case you have downtime, you will be fully compensated by SLA.

  • It's in the cloud

    With Seedbox all your Torrent activity remains in the Seedbox server and so shall your data. Everything is moving online these days. If you need even more, you may use the built-in BTSync and OpenVPN support!

  • Storage Extras

    You may burst your storage by 25% for upto 7 days!

    You will also gain extra diskspace just by being a member! Your Seedbox will continue to grow with you.

  • Privacy

    We take privacy very seriously. Your information is not shared with any 3rd parties. You can read all about it in our privacy policy.

  • 24/7 Support

    Support is available 24/7 with ticketing, e-mail and complimented by our Knowledge Base and Wiki. In our IRC channel you may ask other users for help with common situations.