FREE Seedboxes
  • Free Seedbox Trial 30 Days
  • 0.09€ :(
    Sadly only free as in beer!
  • 50 GiB Storage
  • 1Gbps Seedbox Network
  • 400 GiB Torrent traffic
  • Terminates after 30 Days
  • Location: Europe, Finland Helsinki
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Free. Free... Free??? Did you say FREE SEEEDBOX?! YES!
Active for 30 days, fully featured. Only 1 Seedbox per user!. This is a blatant marketing gimmick to be honest!
Signing up for FREE Seedbox you enroll to marketing newsletter maximum twice per month!
oh and also public trackers are allowed, so level up your torrent download game with this! :) magnet to torrent is easy, just copy-paste the magnet link to add from url box.

Free seedbox is NOT indicative of normal seedbox performance. Software is essentially the same. No support included with the free seedbox.

Due to abuse we have to take a nominal fee, trransaction costs, admin overhead etc. So this is free as in beer, not free free. If it was free free we would need to hire a small minion army to deal with all the abuse making it impossible to offer a "free" seedbox.

Standard Seedbox Features
  • 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

    All our shared services come with 14-day moneyback guarantee! If you for some reason want a refund, just open a ticket within the initial 14 day period.

  • 99.99% Uptime

    Stability and Reliability is very important. We offer highest reliability seedboxes. We offer very generous Service Level Agreement in case you have any downtime.

  • It's in the cloud

    With Seedbox all your Torrent activity remains in the Seedbox server and so shall your data. If you need even more, you may use the built-in rclone web-ui or Resilio.

  • Storage Extras

    You may go beyond your storage limit by 25% for upto 7 days!

    You will also gain FREE extra diskspace just by being a member! Your Seedbox will continue to grow with you as long as you remain with us.

  • Privacy Top Priority

    We prioritize our customers' privacy and have implemented robust policies to protect it. Read more about our commitment to privacy on our wiki.

  • 24/7 Support

    Support is available 24/7 with ticketing, e-mail and complimented by our Knowledge Base and Wiki. In our Discord server you may ask other users for help with common situations.