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Web site owner ot active torrent user? Earn by recommending Pulsed Media services.

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Information on billing.

Seedboxes 30

Information about Bittorrent seedbox usage.

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Hardware questions. This is related to all services

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Information about service upgrades, downgrades and other management


Virtual private servers

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 What torrent software will my shared seedbox have?

All servers are setup with ruTorrent + rTorrent, embedded into our master GUI. Other clients are...

 Do you allow public trackers?

Yes, we do.

 rTorrent seems to be down / ruTorrent is giving an error to that direction

That means the rTorrent instance has crashed, or server has been rebooted. If rTorrent does not...

 Stuck/paused torrents

type screen -r rtorrent   to restore rtorrentuse arrow keys to move to an affected torrentpush...

 Red arrow and Storage chunk error

You may see in ruTorrent a red arrow appear, and you may see an error such as: Tracker Status:...