Apr 27th Multiple spam attacks [UPDATE]

We are receiving multiple spam attacks once again.We have re-enabled e-mail verifications for now on the billing system as spammers are using 3rd party addresses for registration this time around.UPDATE: Our Wiki is almost a goner due to the spammers, it's just too much to cleanup manually and good tools do not exist. We are looking for options. ... Читать далі »

Apr 27th New service deliveries delayed: Automation system is lagging

There's been a delay on provisioning right now.This is due to large volume on our backend and it's been a little bit lagging. This has been now fixed and the backend system is now catching up.Estimate a few hours to catch up on all the backend actions, including provisioning.Really sorry for the inconvenience!If your new service has not been ... Читать далі »

Apr 21st Moving a service to another client is easy

There's been a few questions lately about if you can move a service to another client, and infact Yes you can.We added a K&B article about this at http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=76 and it's really quite easy and simple process, just open a billing ticket. There'll be a few replies to make it ... Читать далі »

Apr 14th Network congestions everywhere in the world -- and now even on our own network

Just like everyone, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Youtube etc. are hitting some bottlenecks in their networks - so are we.We are now averaging very close to our maximum transit capacity, so we are definitively getting micro bursts to roughly at our maximum capacity for outbound traffic.Inbound traffic has a little bit more than doubled as well ... Читать далі »

Apr 2nd Global Free Bonus Disk Limit Increased by ~5%

Today we decided to increase the global limit for maximum free bonus disk quota by roughly 5%. It is being already distributed.

The bonus disk global maximum grows normally over time as well, and equals to roughly 18% of our capacity making it very significant boost to disk quotas for our userbase.