Apr 30th Reminder: We do have affiliates system which pays recurring! Invite Your friends, earn money!

We have affiliates system which pays recurring revenue to You! :) Payment is 7.5% of everything your referrals pays towards their services.So when You invite your friends you can also make some earnings! :)To activate, just visit our billing portal and activate affiliate account. It will provide you with links etc.Example: - Refer 10 friends, ... Read More »

Apr 29th Issues with seedbox GUI? Using Pi-Hole?

We've had some reports that after recent update to Pi-Hole (whole network ad blocking) our GUI can be mangled for some users.

This might be because we load some javascript libraries from google servers, we will look into this and move all libraries to our own server at some point.

Apr 23rd Software updates

We have added resilio sync (rslsync), syncthing and youtube_dl today."btsync" has been changed point to btsync 2.2. You can keep using version 1.4 as "btsync1.4" still.rclone has been updated to v1.47Many bug fixes has been made as well.Typical rolling release, so your server might not have these yet. If you want to have them now, please contact ... Read More »

Apr 13th NEW ZEN MiniDedi Pre-orders are open! NVMe Dedicated from 27.69€ per month!

The NEW ZEN MiniDedi is HERE!We have been working to bring to the market some super efficient and low cost new AMD ZEN based dedicateds with extreme performance and capability. We have finally finalized the specifications for them and are ready to start taking in orders!The preorder version will be fully hardware customizeable! You can pick from ... Read More »

Apr 1st Service Level agreement updates + auction special terms updates

We have some GREAT NEWS!We have decided to give a major bump officially to SLA standards. For a long time we have been already giving greatly boosted amounts of compensation for any downtime in certain cases. Now we have made it official! This is GREAT news for those in higher end services.Platinum tier: Dragon, 2012 series: Ratio 1:3 ! You get 3 ... Read More »

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