Sep 28th Beta testing seedbox auctions

We have been beta testing reverse auctions for seedboxes. So far the results are quite good.

Check them out at:

Sep 22nd Blog offline, work in progress

The company we used for hosting the blog has closed down business and thus our blog is down right now.We used a 3rd party we did not use for anything else for distributing services around for emergency situations, and this company we used for the webhosting was not profitable and has closed their doors.We are trying to get the latest copy without ... Read More »

Sep 17th Dragon and SSD Series Updates!

Dragon and SSD Series Updates!Both saw a really great update! :) We updated both series plans to match today's new server models, and increased the range of options from smallest to largest! :) This saw the Dragon Mushu, the entry level Dragon to increase to 1.5TB (1365GiB) of disk space, at just 13.99€ per month! Where as the largest option is ... Read More »