Mar 26th Under attack: WPress Pingback reflection attack

It seems some industrous folks are making an attack on our website, using the wordpress pingback feature for reflection.This caused intermittent issues as we worked to optimize things in the backend. Things are now functioning faster than ever despite attack still continuing.We still might need to do some more work to optimize things and get the ... Leer Más »

Mar 25th Helsinki: Transit capacity maxed out

We have maxed out capacity AGAIN. Next upgrade will happen in a week.

So sorry we could not anticipate the required level correctly for this month.

Mar 21st Espoo to Helsinki Datacenter Move: Finished (nearly)

Espoo to Helsinki datacenter move has been finished, all production servers has been moved and all but 1 are online. The last remaining node will be repaired and brought online tomorrow.

Mar 21st Espoo datacenter move: Going ahead on schedule.

Espoo datacenter move will begin 10:30GMT/11:30 CET on schedule.

Expecting to have all servers online by end of the day.

Mar 19th Espoo datacenter move schedule

It has been scheduled for Monday 10:00 GMT.

Several nodes will be moved upfront around 09:00 GMT, final tests will be done around 10:00 GMT at which time rest off the nodes will be shutdown at Espoo before move to Helsinki.
Expecting nodes to start coming online roughly around 16:00-17:00 GMT until finishing around 22:00 GMT.

Mar 8th Espoo: Transit upgraded

Transit has been upgraded on the 1st by additional 30%.

Looks like this is not sufficient however, we will do another upgrade 1st of April.