Feb 21st Espoo: Limited transit availability, fix is coming

Since we did a big network upgrade few weeks back our bandwidth usage skyrocketed.The result is that Espoo is right now a bit limited on transit capability as we are forced to limit the total throughput to avoid hefty burst datarate fees. Fix is coming 1st of March with a big increase on transit capability.We are also preparing for the next ... Read More »

Feb 19th Bug with bonus disk quota + extra disk combo, fixed

Automation had a bug where additional bonus disk quota was added did not account for the extra disk bought, not adding the extra disk amount and reverting back to normal amount + bonus disk quota alone.

This bug has been now fixed.
If you have encountered this, please open a ticket and we'll quickly get it handled for you :)

Feb 11th The sadness of the ST3000DM001

Backblaze has published an blog posting looking back to the ST3000DM001 drive failure rates. These are the same drives we used solely initially as well.Their failure data matches almost exactly ours, except we purchased our drives in Q1-Q4 of 2013 instead of 2012.Seagate has since updated this drive model, the part number has changed, along with ... Read More »