Jun 20th Electrical issue at DC on one of the racks **RESOLVED

A single phase on single rack is down. We are investigating.**RESOLVED**Issue was with one of the power distribution modules. These have built-in heat based "fuses" (thermal fuse). PDM being situation very near the server exhaust does not exactly help the case, and significantly derates the rating, so the thermal fuse triggered despite functioning ... Read More »

May 9th Bitcoin payments via Coinbase replaced with Coinpayments.net

Coinbase decided to discontinue their merchant tools service, and thus payments via coinbase are not supported anymore as they have shutdown that service.Coinpayments.net is the current recommended gateway, you can use many other cryptos as well than just Bitcoin with them.We do not intend to support Coinbase in future, due to their tactics of ... Read More »

Apr 30th New AC units installed

We have finished installation of several Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC units into the DC, latest model units with inverters. These units vary the compressor RPM depending upon required load and saves tremendously on energy consumption. Energy efficiency of these very large units are simply incredible.At this very moment as i am writing this, the ... Read More »

Apr 1st M1000 Stock status

Sorry we ran out of stock for the series.

We expect to have more available roughly around Wednesday-Thursday.

In the meantime, check the great Value250 series offers out :)

Mar 5th Helsinki DC Outage: Fiber cut, RESOLVED: 18:29

Helsinki DC is experiencing an outage is 15:54 local time due to a fiber being removed from one of the fiber cross connect rooms.This happened due to 3rd party outdated and incorrect documentation as they were doing maintenance, and thus accidentally removed incorrect unused fibers. A simple human error.This is being fixed right now, ETA should be ... Read More »

Nov 10th Outage on several nodes (UPDATE 12:46)

There is an outage with number of nodes in Finland DC and we are looking into it.

Expected ETA several hours.
Number of concerned servers is under 20.

UPDATE 12:41: Issue is with power distribution. Power distribution unit or module.
UPDATE 12:46: All nodes affected should be booting now.

Jul 18th Helsinki DC: Multiple nodes down

There was a short power outage at Helsinki DC.

We are sorting this out now and getting servers back online.

EDIT: All nodes online, no issues noted. Please contact support if any questions etc.

May 4th Helsinki DC network maintenance **UPDATE 2**

There might be intermitten outages on networking today as we are working on some upgrades.

Expected downtime is short

UPDATE 05/05/2017 14:52 GMT: Some of the maintenance was moved for today. May have short downtimes upto 30minutes.
UPDATE 05/05/2017 17:58 GMT: Maintenance done.

Mar 25th Debian 8: OpenVPN & NzbDrone fixed

OpenVPN now installs, configures and runs on Debian 8 based servers.

NzbDrone installation issues has been fixed for Deb8 based servers now.

Usual rolling updates are taking in place. If you want your server to skip ahead on queue, please contact support.

Mar 15th Helsinki DC Brownout.

We had a brownout couple hours back at the Helsinki DC. A number of servers crashed as a result.We are working to bring all downed servers back online right now, and checking servers as we go.This is the first brownout in our history of having our own datacenter. There is a small storm on going and that might have caused distribution issues, but ... Read More »