Jan 1st Switch issue (UPDATE 04:29 **RESOLVED**)

A significant number of servers are down due to a unknown switch issue. We are working on it right now.Sorry for something like this to happen at such an unfortunate time; Middle of new years celebrations!Update 1 (00:35): All switches responsive and rebooted, issue is not with swtiches. 68 nodes are afflicted. On site intervention scheduled, ... Читать далее »

Dec 4th Bonus disk quota global maximum bumped up significantly

We have bumped up the global maximum limit for bonus disk quota by almost 20%It is such a high number it will probably take many weeks to allocate and spread.Do note that it is still limited by the available resources of your particular server, and bonus disk quota is bonus, it is not guaranteed in any fashion.However, it is semi-guaranteed in ... Читать далее »

Nov 26th Blog has been restored

Sorry for such a long outage with our blog, it has been restored from most recent backups just now.


Oct 25th 10G Shared seedboxes in beta testing

We have a new 10G Seedbox offer under beta testing.

This series uses a new server model as well 10G Uplinks. These servers should be easier to maintain and easier to extend capabilities in future.

Look at all the specifics, and grab a beta test slot at: https://pulsedmedia.com/m10g-seedbox.php

Oct 7th Billing system minor issues corrected

There was some minor issues with billing system since ~17:10 GMT. This was caused by backups filling the partition which is utilized also by temporary templating files.

This caused that a lot of empty emails were mailed out, and some pages not loading properly.

This issue has been fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sep 28th Beta testing seedbox auctions

We have been beta testing reverse auctions for seedboxes. So far the results are quite good.

Check them out at: http://pulsedmedia.com/seedbox-auctions.php

Sep 22nd Blog offline, work in progress

The company we used for hosting the blog has closed down business and thus our blog is down right now.We used a 3rd party we did not use for anything else for distributing services around for emergency situations, and this company we used for the webhosting was not profitable and has closed their doors.We are trying to get the latest copy without ... Читать далее »

Sep 17th Dragon and SSD Series Updates!

Dragon and SSD Series Updates!Both saw a really great update! :) We updated both series plans to match today's new server models, and increased the range of options from smallest to largest! :) This saw the Dragon Mushu, the entry level Dragon to increase to 1.5TB (1365GiB) of disk space, at just 13.99€ per month! Where as the largest option is ... Читать далее »

Aug 30th Issues with particular server model has stabilized now

The issues encountered with that one particular server model seems to be history now, not a single crash for a while now.We also now have plenty of parts in stock and will be doing the cooling enhancements as part of routine maintenance in future to stop these from happening.Further, we have purchased a lot of new servers as well, different ... Читать далее »

Aug 20th Software stack updates

We have made some minor updates in the past couple of months, full log is viewable at: http://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/PM_Software_StackSome highlights are: * Flexget installation fixed * Python fixes in general * UnionFS added * Sshfs added * S3fs added * GdriveFS added (may or may not work, 100% untested  .....) * FTP 16 ... Читать далее »