Apr 23rd Software updates

We have added resilio sync (rslsync), syncthing and youtube_dl today."btsync" has been changed point to btsync 2.2. You can keep using version 1.4 as "btsync1.4" still.rclone has been updated to v1.47Many bug fixes has been made as well.Typical rolling release, so your server might not have these yet. If you want to have them now, please contact ... Read More »

Apr 13th NEW ZEN MiniDedi Pre-orders are open! NVMe Dedicated from 27.69€ per month!

The NEW ZEN MiniDedi is HERE!We have been working to bring to the market some super efficient and low cost new AMD ZEN based dedicateds with extreme performance and capability. We have finally finalized the specifications for them and are ready to start taking in orders!The preorder version will be fully hardware customizeable! You can pick from ... Read More »

Apr 1st Service Level agreement updates + auction special terms updates

We have some GREAT NEWS!We have decided to give a major bump officially to SLA standards. For a long time we have been already giving greatly boosted amounts of compensation for any downtime in certain cases. Now we have made it official! This is GREAT news for those in higher end services.Platinum tier: Dragon, 2012 series: Ratio 1:3 ! You get 3 ... Read More »

Feb 27th Scheduled network maintenance Friday 1st of March

There will be some network maintenance going on during Friday.

Rough schedule is between GMT 10:00 to 21:00.

There may be several outages during this period of time, please be patient as we work.

Feb 27th Issue with several nodes resolved

Today there was 10 servers down for a while.

Issue was caused by a failed power supply tripping the breaker.

Feb 23rd Changes to auction seedbox special terms

The special terms are listed at http://wiki.pulsedmedia.com/index.php/Pulsed_Media_Auctions_Terms_And_ConditionsThe primary changes are:"We reserve the right to re-provision your account at any time without prior notice, wiping your data and to move you to another server"this means we might re-allocate you to another server without data migration ... Read More »

Jan 1st Switch issue (UPDATE 04:29 **RESOLVED**)

A significant number of servers are down due to a unknown switch issue. We are working on it right now.Sorry for something like this to happen at such an unfortunate time; Middle of new years celebrations!Update 1 (00:35): All switches responsive and rebooted, issue is not with swtiches. 68 nodes are afflicted. On site intervention scheduled, ... Read More »

Dec 4th Bonus disk quota global maximum bumped up significantly

We have bumped up the global maximum limit for bonus disk quota by almost 20%It is such a high number it will probably take many weeks to allocate and spread.Do note that it is still limited by the available resources of your particular server, and bonus disk quota is bonus, it is not guaranteed in any fashion.However, it is semi-guaranteed in ... Read More »

Nov 26th Blog has been restored

Sorry for such a long outage with our blog, it has been restored from most recent backups just now.


Oct 25th 10G Shared seedboxes in beta testing

We have a new 10G Seedbox offer under beta testing.

This series uses a new server model as well 10G Uplinks. These servers should be easier to maintain and easier to extend capabilities in future.

Look at all the specifics, and grab a beta test slot at: https://pulsedmedia.com/m10g-seedbox.php