Jun 25th Bit Pay has suspended our account: No Bitcoin payments temporarily

Bit Pay has decreased our limits so low that we are practically suspended. We started to look into increasing these because we've had several times issues with daily limits, and we do not know how close we are to our annual limit.We asked about the verification documents to increase our limits, which they make extremely hard to produce btw, and ... Read More »

Jun 14th Billing portal updated

We have just done a major update on our billing portal.

If you see any issues or faults, please contact support and we'll look into it.

Jun 14th SSD Series backups update: More frequent

We have updated SSD series backups to do an backup run every 6 hours or 4 times a day.

This will make sure that when the inevitable disk failure happens the data is as fresh as possible.

We are currently looking at possibility of incremental backups, but storage wise that might turn out to be too costly.

Jun 2nd Support records being broken!

In terms of support services we had a record breaking month!

Measured since 2013/01 we had both the best response average time and closure time average so far!

Excellent! :)

Jun 1st Network migration COMPLETE, new servers

We have completed the transition out of Cogent to a new mix of Level3, TeliaSonera and RETN, with our own IPs etc.

Speeds have greatly increased as a result, we are seeing some servers now doing more than double what they used to.

May 29th New transit migration almost complete

All Helsinki seedbox servers has been migrated to the new network. Only some dedicated and virtual servers remain to be migrated.

Cogent connection & IPs will be shutdown late tuesday night or early wednesday.

May 10th Helsinki: New transit

We are working to bring up new transit link in Helsinki up today, with new IP subnets etc.We will need to change IPs of every node once this link is up & running, DNS will be changed to reflect, only difference is if you have been using direct IP access.We will inform server by server. This process mainly begins tomorrow, today only a couple ... Read More »

Apr 21st SSD Series update: Triple the upload slots

We have updated SSD series to have triple the upload slots, and double the number of peers compared to HDD per allocation block.This should make SSD server performance more evident as the changes get applied over time. All new accounts will get the new settings, for rest it is enabled over time slowly.This means a standard 40G slot will get 54 ... Read More »

Mar 26th Under attack: WPress Pingback reflection attack

It seems some industrous folks are making an attack on our website, using the wordpress pingback feature for reflection.This caused intermittent issues as we worked to optimize things in the backend. Things are now functioning faster than ever despite attack still continuing.We still might need to do some more work to optimize things and get the ... Read More »

Mar 25th Helsinki: Transit capacity maxed out

We have maxed out capacity AGAIN. Next upgrade will happen in a week.

So sorry we could not anticipate the required level correctly for this month.