Apr 18th ERR_TOO_MANY_RETRIES: Chrome & Opera login issues caused by LastPass extension

It turns out that with latest updates this issue is caused by LastPass extension / plugin.

Disabling this plugin will stop this error from happening.
You might also want to report this to LastPass so they can fix the bug.

There are alternatives as well, such as Keepass which stores everything locally, but does not tightly integrate into browser.

Apr 10th Access Issues? Don't use chrome

Chrome's latest update has brought somekind of issue within the browser itself.If you are having access issues 'This site can't be reached" with error code "ERR_TOO_MANY_RETRIES" and using Chrome, then try any other browser.We are not sure what causes this, but it looks clearly like a Chrome bug -- and hopefully they solve that issue shortly. Read More »

Apr 6th Jellyfin install

User definitelyliamon LET shared with fellow users a basic instructions how to setup Jellyfin: Download the .NET Core binaries: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-aspnetcore-5.0.4-linux-x64-binaries and extract it to $HOME/dotnet Add it to your Path Download the combined portal version of Jellyfin: ... Read More »

Mar 29th Debian 8 certbot no longer supported: Some servers SSL cannot be renewed

Certbot has decided to remove Debian 8 support altogether.Since bulk of our servers are still Debian 8 we cannot renew certifcates on some of the servers. Somehow in some cases it wants to re-install certbot.There probably is a workaround for this, we tried several with no luck.This looks a lot like typical Python issues as well, when attempting ... Read More »

Mar 19th Helsinki DC outage (situation over)

Helsinki DC has an outgoing outage, and we are investigating the situation right now.We will update this announcement as soon as we know more.**UPDATE 1** Transformer maintenance on the premises. Premises failed to inform us about this despite this was known from last fall. Staff on site, we are working to see if we can restore power to a number ... Read More »

Mar 13th Wiki is recoverable, one of the NS servers is not recoverable

OVH just informed us that our Wiki server is recoverable.

One of the DNS servers was not recoverable -- we will move to replace it. DNS was never a worry because we have distributed our DNS over many providers.

Mar 13th OVH SBG Fire, photos, videos etc.

https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/uptime/fire-has-destroyed-ovh-s-strasbourg-data-center-sbg2Good article with more information about it.Process to restore remaining DCs are operational has begun but will take weeks.This does not affect Pulsed Media much. Very little of our services were affected, such as wiki, one dns server, small number of ... Read More »

Mar 10th OVH had a fire in their SBG Facility. Our Wiki is down.


They had a fire over there. SBG2 destroyed, part of SBG1 also affected.
SBG1 to SBG4 are all down due to this.

Our services affected: Wiki, 1x nameserver, 1x mail server.
Wiki is down, and we will wait for them to recover the site before hurrying to replace.

Feb 11th Network Congestion resolved and sales resumed

The network congestion has been resolved and we have re-opened sales for Dragon-R and M10G.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Feb 1st Network congestion -- and limited sales of higher speed services

Due to network congestion we had to do the very hard choice of limiting sales of both Dragon-R and M10G series for this time.Transit upgrades have been ordered many months ago, and we are still waiting for the deployment for the additional transit capacity. Essentially our transit capacity 95th % usage percentile is now day after day above 85%.Our ... Read More »

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