Jun 20th Downtime on a small number of servers [UPDATE 5]

A small number of servers have gone down, it does look like an electrical issue / brownout on that section.Sometimes that causes a situation where remote reboot does not function, remote reboot still keeps standby power for chipset etc. which can cause the server to go in a state where it does not remote reboot as the power is not physically being ... Read More »

May 25th Several Dozen servers down, issues with 1 rack [UPDATED]

There was more than 33 servers down for several hours.Initially we assumed power distribution issue on one of the racks, which was partially correct. TOR switch for that rack had a failed PSU upon closer inspection.That failed PSU has now been swapped over and the switch is back online, monitoring is reporting that all nodes are back online as ... Read More »

May 4th DDOS Attack on our billing [UPDATE 5]

This time our billing system is being attacked via a DDOS intended for resource exhaustion.Hence our billing system is working a little bit slower than usual right now, we are working on it.First the spam attacks, now this. This type of thing always tends to happen when are running specials.Current list of shame -- will update later, these are the ... Read More »

Apr 27th Multiple spam attacks [UPDATE]

We are receiving multiple spam attacks once again.We have re-enabled e-mail verifications for now on the billing system as spammers are using 3rd party addresses for registration this time around.UPDATE: Our Wiki is almost a goner due to the spammers, it's just too much to cleanup manually and good tools do not exist. We are looking for options. ... Read More »

Apr 27th New service deliveries delayed: Automation system is lagging

There's been a delay on provisioning right now.This is due to large volume on our backend and it's been a little bit lagging. This has been now fixed and the backend system is now catching up.Estimate a few hours to catch up on all the backend actions, including provisioning.Really sorry for the inconvenience!If your new service has not been ... Read More »

Apr 21st Moving a service to another client is easy

There's been a few questions lately about if you can move a service to another client, and infact Yes you can.We added a K&B article about this at http://pulsedmedia.com/clients/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=76 and it's really quite easy and simple process, just open a billing ticket. There'll be a few replies to make it ... Read More »

Apr 14th Network congestions everywhere in the world -- and now even on our own network

Just like everyone, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Youtube etc. are hitting some bottlenecks in their networks - so are we.We are now averaging very close to our maximum transit capacity, so we are definitively getting micro bursts to roughly at our maximum capacity for outbound traffic.Inbound traffic has a little bit more than doubled as well ... Read More »

Apr 2nd Global Free Bonus Disk Limit Increased by ~5%

Today we decided to increase the global limit for maximum free bonus disk quota by roughly 5%. It is being already distributed.

The bonus disk global maximum grows normally over time as well, and equals to roughly 18% of our capacity making it very significant boost to disk quotas for our userbase.

Mar 30th M1000 Corona special restocked

Sorry we went out of stock for the larger seedboxes for a few moments there. Situation has been fixed, more servers allowed to be provisioned on again.

There are plenty of Value250 series available as well.

Mar 23rd Internet route congestion all over Europe

As everyone is at home and spending time streaming videos all the time, there are a lot of ISPs with severe congestion in their networks right now.There's been talk that Netflix would be going only 480p and Youtube defaulting to 480p in Europe, at least for some networks.If you are right now having lower than usual FTP/SFTP speeds that might be ... Read More »