Dec 11th Bitcoin discount increased

The bitcoin discount has been increased to 5% from 3%.We have noticed a sharp increase in transaction fees, and we want to give savings of the transaction fee directly to the user! The overall transaction cost has increased more than 20% in the past couple of years. In other words, it is very very expensive to handle transactions other than ... Read More »

Oct 1st Debian 8 aka Jessie

We have several servers now running Debian 8.As expected there was several regression in moving to Debian 8, mostly regarding maintaining servers. Otherwise all but OpenVPN has been resolved. OpenVPN is currently not working on the first Debian 8 systems, but will be fixed soon as the remainder of maintenance related aspects have been sorted ... Read More »

Sep 15th Bonus disk quota wiki page updated

If this concerns you, please read the updated page which clarifies the terms and rules of the system.

Aug 20th SSD Stock Status: Drives are in order

We are waiting for delivery of new drives, ETA to have stock available again is within 3 weeks. Best Case scenario 1 week.

Jul 14th SSD Base traffic amounts increased

SSD series traffic limits has been increased significantly.

40G: 2TB -> 3TB
200G: 10TB -> 15TB
600G: 30TB -> 45TB

These will be enabled for all existing users automatically over time.

We also introduced 100G option.

Jun 28th New Bitcoin payment gateway: Coinbase PLUS 3% Discount!

We have adopted Coinbase as the bitcoin gateway of choice.

Additionally, we are now providing 3% discount when paid using Bitcoin! :)

The integration is still in testing; So if you notice anything out of place, please contact support immediately.

Jun 25th SSD Extra traffic prices SIGNIFICANTLY lowered - Now as low as 0.45€ per 1000 GiB!

We have just lowered the price for SSD series extra traffic by a lot. Now the largest is a whopping 100 000 GiB (~100TB) for just 44.99€ per month!

Now that is some very cheap bandwidth!

Got small amounts of data you need to get in hordes out there? What better choice than our SSD Seedboxes.

Jun 25th Bit Pay has suspended our account: No Bitcoin payments temporarily

Bit Pay has decreased our limits so low that we are practically suspended. We started to look into increasing these because we've had several times issues with daily limits, and we do not know how close we are to our annual limit.We asked about the verification documents to increase our limits, which they make extremely hard to produce btw, and ... Read More »

Jun 14th Billing portal updated

We have just done a major update on our billing portal.

If you see any issues or faults, please contact support and we'll look into it.

Jun 14th SSD Series backups update: More frequent

We have updated SSD series backups to do an backup run every 6 hours or 4 times a day.

This will make sure that when the inevitable disk failure happens the data is as fresh as possible.

We are currently looking at possibility of incremental backups, but storage wise that might turn out to be too costly.