Feb 13th Community guides/scripts for: Sonarr, Radarr, Prowlarr, Cloudplow, Sabnzbd, Jellyfin, NZBGet, ZNC, Jackett

Community has really come together with guides / scripts!We have not tested these ourselves yet, so your mileage may vary.People are now collating these and we will then either incorporate these as documentation OR use them as basis to finally integrate all of ... Read More »

Feb 10th Automatic use of credit on open invoices

Automatic usage of credit against open invoices will be re-enabled tentatively 11th of March, 2022. 1 month + 1 day from now.During this 1month we are listening for feedback from all users to either direction.This would help a great deal of users, but for volume & reseller users it might cause some fuss with the need to submit cancel requests ... Read More »

Jan 23rd SSD Seedboxes restocked

SSD Seedboxes has been finally restocked, and all new users will be setup on Ryzen servers.

Check them out at: https://pulsedmedia.com/ssd-seedbox.php

Jan 20th Changes in Bonus storage for seedboxes

We have made some changes to bonus quota: Increased maximum bonus to 300% from 150% Changed bonus % gain per euro paid from 28€ to 50€ Increased global max limit of bonuses in GiB gain per day Extra ~250 000GiB or ~0.25PiB will be added for users over the next week Bonus is given if server has at least 3000GiB of actual storage free, ... Read More »

Jan 17th Helsinki power outage [UPDATE 2]

Whole HELEN area grid had 2 power outages.Our UPS units apparently ran out of power as well, and while our router is responding nothing beyond that is responding.Technician will be on site within ~15minutesUpdate 1: UPS unit failed causing most of network being down despite dual power supplies. This was one of the cases where an UPS actually ... Read More »

Jan 4th Twelve99/Telia re-routing around

We are manually rerouting networks around Twelve99/Telia currently.If you are still having throughput issues, or dropping connections after roughly 24hrs please contact support with your public IP and we'll check. It helps if you can do MTR both directions as well.We will then manually check the particular network you are on and if routing via ... Read More »

Dec 16th Twelve99/Telia routed around largely -- Network issue should be resolved for most

As announced earlier at https://pulsedmedia.com/clients/announcements.php?id=537 Twelve99/Telia has been having really bad congestion.They also shape certain IP networks.Most upstream connections has been now routed away from Telia, but those with only route via Telia still has to remain -- atleast for now.If you still have issues, please open a ... Read More »

Dec 16th Issue on Twelve99/Telia network being congested

Twelve99/Telia network is very badly congested.We do not normally have upstream routes via Twelve99/Telia, these reverted back a few days ago and are being fixed.Further, Twelve99 has general widespread congestion issues they are working on.Their network is a total mess, they don't seem to even know their own network at all and apparently unable ... Read More »

Nov 29th Filemanager file download fix

Downloading very very large files via filemanager could essentially hang the process behind.This was due to excessive buffering.This has been now fixed and is being rolled out to servers.At the same time we optimized the filemanager download routines a little bit.If you use that feature routinely, please contact support to get your server and ... Read More »

Oct 15th Payment method IBAN Wiretransfers removed

IBAN Wiretransfers are not being offered as payment method anymore.This is due to users always opting for any other alternative where ever possible, leading to very low volume and more administration overhead at our side than the extremely low usage is worth.If you are one of the very rare users using IBAN wiretransfers you can still use that ... Read More »

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