Oct 26th Dragon-R expected to be back in stock by end of this week (UPDATE)

If you have been waiting for a chance to get a Dragon-R now is your chance :)

New servers will be in production by end of this week.

See the offers at: https://pulsedmedia.com/dragon-r-20gbps-rtorrent-seedboxes.php

Update: Delayed by several days.

Oct 21st Our users are 1337

Average shared seedbox user consumes 13.37W of energy, and average TiB of storage is 3.39W

There are a lot of legacy servers as well which pushes these wattages a bit higher.

Progress has started to change this.

Oct 19th Enhancing service performance AND performance stability; A stop to RAM and CPU abuse

RAM usage, and sometimes CPU usage abuse has become very rampant this year.Many users have been consuming 50%+ of server RAM.We have thus introduced now strict memory limits; SOFT LIMITis set to the advertised maximum and Hard Limit Is Double of advertised RAM for now as people settles in.Also some CPU usage metrics are being now shown and "tasks" ... Read More »

Oct 15th Our website was DDOS attacked today

A wide variety of IPs were involved in the attack.

This has been mitigated now, sorry for the few minutes of inaccessibility or slow access to our website you may have experienced.

Oct 3rd Helsinki datacenter: Electrical maintenance (Finished)

Small electrical maintenance happening on Helsinki Datacenter, a few services affected momentarily.

ETA to finish is under 30minutes

Sep 30th Changes to Bonus Storage, balancing more towards euros paid as an inflation adjustment.

We needed to move the balance towards euros paid for the bonus storage program.Hence we made following changes: * 0.5% for each month since service creation, was 1% * 0.1% for each month since billing profile creation, was 0.2% * 1% for each 62.50€ paid, was 50€Rest remains the same, this moves balance slightly towards those with higher end ... Read More »

Sep 30th New service signup pricings updated, electricity price calculations and information

New service signup pricing has been updated.Only a few survived without big markups, those with highest efficiency.Many of the servers we use now cost in electricity as much as 77€ a month EACH and that's just for a 4 drive server, and these used to be merely 16€/month just few months ago, almost 5x increase. Some servers are even the ... Read More »

Sep 13th Electricity prices continue to climb. Expect server migrations in near future

Electricity prices keeps increasing, another almost doubling at our datacenter this month.It is quite certain we will see another +50% next month.----Hardware is on order, and we should be receiving in a week or two them, we will start migrating users to upgraded servers as soon as we can.Some migrations may start happening already this week for ... Read More »

Sep 3rd Inflation, Energy crisis and exchange rate changes are disruptive

Pulsed Media: Inflation, Energy crisis and exchange rate changes are disruptive Pulsed Media is not immune to market conditions, and the market conditions have dramatically changed over the past year. Energy prices started to heavily increase a year ago, but are now wildly changing week by week. Market pricing indicates a significant ... Read More »

Aug 10th Extreme high electrical prices in Finland, at times over 1€/KWh

Electric prices have increased wildly in Finland over the past few months due to various global and local events. We've even seen some hours with more than 1000€ / MWh (1€/KWh) pricing, while just the day before it could've been 90€ / MWh.Some nuclear plants are under maintenance, low solar power combined with low wind power is causing quite ... Read More »

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