Nov 26th Changes to traffic limits: Minimum speed now 100Mbps aka "Guaranteed" speed, no limits on internal

Big Big changes on traffic limits!We have changed how traffic limits work. In the past only we only limited torrent speeds via rTorrent, to a tiny fraction of the speed. FTP, SFTP, rclone etc. remained unlimited.But as times change, so does needs as well. We wanted to offer a lot more services, and this limitation did not really suit that goal. ... Ler Mais »

Nov 8th Having rTorrent halts in BW? Avoid public trackers. +503 issues +Deluge support +Traffic Limitation changes / Guaranteed 100Mbps always

If you are having issues with rTorrent just "not doing anything" occasionally, it is most likely due to using of public trackers.Public trackers constantly come and go, and many public torrents have big big lists of trackers because most of them do not work any way.Unfortunately, rTorrent is not well mutithreaded and this can cause a situation ... Ler Mais »

Nov 5th Today's outage was due to electrical cabinet maintenance

We had a short outage on some systems, and some of our switches today.We had to do some maintenance on one of the smaller electrical cabinets and we stress tested one of our UPS units, and recovery procedures.Unfortunately not everything went as planned, and some switches and few servers were shutdown in the process.Lessons were learned, and there ... Ler Mais »

Nov 2nd rTorrent performance issues or unresponsiveness?

If you are having traffic halts it may be due to udp trackers. Turns out UDP trackers can halt all traffic on latest rTorrent.We recommend you remove those, you can use retrackers option via settings to do that.Unresponsiveness: A single config option we had set high, expecting it to perform well, can cause even GUI to be unresponsive.We have made ... Ler Mais »

Oct 9th Dragon-R restocked

Dragon-R has been restocked!
Get your brand new fresh Dragon-R service while stock remains available!

This new server model features even more extreme performance with 36 disk RAID10 arrays instead of 24 disk array.

Sep 29th Dragon-R restock status

Dragon-R should be restocked within 2 weeks, potentially sooner than that.

Sorry for those having to wait for their opportunity to have a Dragon-R service.

Sep 13th New file manager

We have introduced a new filemanager, this has now been pushed out to a number of servers.

Normal rolling release, so it will be introduced to new servers over time slowly.

If you have feedback about the new filemanager, feel free to contact support.

Sep 5th Benefits of the Dragon-R Semi-guaranteed bonus disk

The average user on Dragon-R series servers has 45.21% of extra bonus disk space associated with their service.That is quite a tremendous amount!So an average Dragon-R Mushu with 3TB base disk is actually receiving, on average bonus disk, 4.35TB of high speed RAID10 storage on their service.Not only that, but it means even the most entry level ... Ler Mais »

Sep 4th Having frequent rTorrent / ruTorrent crashes? Please let us know

Are you having frequent crashes with rTorrent / ruTorrent?

It might be related to this:

Please let us know if you are having frequent issues, e-mail with your registered email address and please give us as much details as possible.

Jul 21st New Corona Relief Auction: Value1000 1TB Seedbox

Since many parts of the world are struggling and a lot of people are out of job as the travel industry is struggling we decided to re-add Corona auction again for people looking to save on some costs.This auction is available as usual at: offer is Value1000 1TB, 4000GiB traffic seedbox which has ... Ler Mais »