Oct 9th Dragon-R restocked

Dragon-R has been restocked!
Get your brand new fresh Dragon-R service while stock remains available!

This new server model features even more extreme performance with 36 disk RAID10 arrays instead of 24 disk array.

Sep 29th Dragon-R restock status

Dragon-R should be restocked within 2 weeks, potentially sooner than that.

Sorry for those having to wait for their opportunity to have a Dragon-R service.

Sep 13th New file manager

We have introduced a new filemanager, this has now been pushed out to a number of servers.

Normal rolling release, so it will be introduced to new servers over time slowly.

If you have feedback about the new filemanager, feel free to contact support.

Sep 5th Benefits of the Dragon-R Semi-guaranteed bonus disk

The average user on Dragon-R series servers has 45.21% of extra bonus disk space associated with their service.That is quite a tremendous amount!So an average Dragon-R Mushu with 3TB base disk is actually receiving, on average bonus disk, 4.35TB of high speed RAID10 storage on their service.Not only that, but it means even the most entry level ... Read More »

Sep 4th Having frequent rTorrent / ruTorrent crashes? Please let us know

Are you having frequent crashes with rTorrent / ruTorrent?

It might be related to this:  https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/issues/999

Please let us know if you are having frequent issues, e-mail support@pulsedmedia.com with your registered email address and please give us as much details as possible.

Jul 21st New Corona Relief Auction: Value1000 1TB Seedbox

Since many parts of the world are struggling and a lot of people are out of job as the travel industry is struggling we decided to re-add Corona auction again for people looking to save on some costs.This auction is available as usual at: https://pulsedmedia.com/seedbox-auctions.phpFor offer is Value1000 1TB, 4000GiB traffic seedbox which has ... Read More »

Jul 20th ruTorrent updated to V3.10

We have updated ruTorrent to V3.10 and re-enabled checkport plugin as it seems to have received patches now.Further we are again auto-updating user ruTorrent versions to this.This update has already been pushed to few dozen servers.If you want to get the update faster than typical slow roll out, please open a ticket and request your server is ... Read More »

Jul 17th Dragon-R Restock approaching

We should have new Dragon-R servers online by end of July.

Hardware has already been received from our vendors already, only setting up, testing and racking remains to be done.

Before end of July there might be an odd slot or two available however.

Jul 3rd Development Bounty Program + a BIG bounty for ElectronJS development

We have started a development bounty program!This program is for software development which benefits all users of Pulsed Media services. Current bounties are for rTorrent enhancements which is core functionality for our services, but we will expand this further over time. We are going to spend up to 1500€ monthly on these bounties (upto 3000€ ... Read More »

Jun 21st Services status page

We have added another layer of monitoring via 3rd party service NodePing. We discussed this on the last announcement.You can view the status page at: https://nodeping.com/reports/status/RIP4WW2JRYThis shows total uptime % of variety of backend services. Also select production services are also now on this services as well being additionally ... Read More »